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Need to set up your fulfillment station, but don't know where to start? Read on for some of our recommendations!

When it comes to fulfillment stations, we recommend that each team member who fulfills orders have their own station. Or, if you schedule a certain number of fulfillment employees at one time, you have enough fulfillment stations for each employee. So, if you have four (4) employees scheduled to fulfill orders, you would need four (4) fulfillment stations.

We walk through our recommended supplies for each station below.

  Note: CommentSold is not affiliated with any of the brands listed below, nor do we profit from sales made through the links listed. This article includes items popular with our retailers and compatible with CommentSold.

Recommended Fulfillment Station Supplies


Image Name  Details
Sup_Computer.png Computer

Each station will need a computer where the employee can log into CommentSold and fulfill orders.

Whether to use a Windows or Mac computer is up to you, but we recommend confirming it is compatible with your label printers and labeling printing software before making a purchase.

Tera.jpg Tera Wired Handheld Scanner

This wired 2D barcode scanner uses a USB cable for connection.

There is no need to install any driver or software. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android.

4.png Zebra Symbol DS9208 Scanner

This Zebra scanner is a great option if you wish to scan products to display them on your live overlay.

It has both handheld and hands-free modes, which make scanning easy.

Though we highly recommend this scanner, CommentSold is also compatible with any 1D scanner that is a keyboard emulator.


Dymo 4XL

Look for a thermal printer if you plan to print barcodes and labels.

If you're just starting out, we recommend using the Dymo 4XL. This thermal printer prints up to 53 labels per minute.


Dymo Labelwriter 450

Another option from Dymo is the LabelWriter 450.

This thermal printer can print up to 51 addresses, file folders, and barcode labels per minute. 


Zebra ZT610 Printer

For higher volume shops, we recommend the Zebra ZT610.

This industrial printer is an absolute workhorse. It will allow you to print up to 14 labels per second.

Dymo_4_6_.png Dymo LabelWriter Shipping Labels, 4" x 6"

Print extra-large labels to make shipping out packages a breeze.

Note: We strongly recommend you use Dymo-brand labels. Retailers have reported that "Dymo compatible" labels often do not work.

organizer.png Organizer Cart

Keep track of all your supplies with this 6-drawer organizer cart.

Wire mesh baskets, 3" polyurethane locking swivel casters. 16 x 13 x 37"

Mats.png Anti-fatigue mats Extra thick, cushy mats provide all-day comfort. No-trip beveled edges. Nonslip top and bottom.
13.png Uline Clear Front/Back Packing List Envelopes These clear packing list envelopes keep your shipping labels free of dirt and moisture.
14.png Patterned Poly Mailers Want to add some flair to your packing supplies? Check out these patterned poly mailers by Upaknship.
15.webp Plain Polymailers If you need more basic poly mailers or want a more economical option, check out Uline's line of plain poly mailers.

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