Mobile App 3.0 is here! The below feature is part of the latest mobile app update and will only appear to shoppers who have updated your shop’s app on their iOS devices. Mobile 3.0 for Android is in a phased rollout and should be available to all shops soon!

Want an easy way for mobile app shoppers to browse all of your product categories and jump to the one that interests them? 

You can add a "Shop All" menu option to your mobile app to allow shoppers to browse products by their categories. When a shopper taps the Shop icon at the bottom of the app, a menu will appear with "Shop All" at the top.

Shoppers can tap the option, then tap through the different categories and nested categories to locate the products they wish to browse. Tapping the option will reveal categories and nested categories (e.g., Clothing > Outerwear) for products you offer. 

Product categories and sub-categories auto-generate from the category you assigned to the product on the product record. You can also control which categories appear in the "Shop All" menu.


  Need to add categories to a lot of products? If you need to assign or re-assign categories to products in CommentSold, there's an easy way to do this in bulk! Learn more here.

Add "Shop All" to Your Website 

In order to have the "Shop All" option on your mobile app, you'll need to add it to the navigation of your website. Once published, this will automatically add the menu option to your mobile app. 

  Note: If you have already added the "Shop All" option to your website navigation, you will need to remove it from the navigation and re-add it using the steps outlined below to add it to your mobile app. To remove, select the three-dot icon to the far right of the option row and select Remove from Navigation.


  1. Scroll to the Unlisted section of your Navigation tab.
  2. Select Shop All and drag it to the Main Navigation. Make sure you place this option where you wish for it to appear in the navigation menu.
  3. Select Publish.

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