Mobile 3.0 for Android is being rolled out! Mobile 3.0 for Android is in a phased rollout and should be available to all shops soon.

The latest CommentSold mobile app update for iOS (v. 3.0) marks the launch of several exciting features designed to create a more immersive shopping experience for shoppers that you control.

Check out the exciting new features below:

  • "Home" Tab.  You can now bring your website homepage experience to your mobile app! Your Home tab will appear in the bottom-left corner of the app, and will also be the second option at the top of your app, after My Feed.
  • "Shop All" Menu Option. You can add a "Shop All" menu option to your mobile app to allow shoppers to browse products by their categories. Tapping the option will reveal categories and nested categories (e.g., Clothing > Outerwear) for products you offer. 
  • Unique Content Pages. You can now publish your website content and customized collection pages to your mobile app. This helps you create a more engaging, branded experience for your mobile app shoppers.

Next Steps

Learn how to take advantage of these new mobile app features using the resources linked below:

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