You can now sync up to product images to TikTok directly from the Edit Media page of a product record. You can apply the below steps to new and previously synced products. TikTok

This allows you to display different angles of the product and/or include images of different variants (e.g., size, colors, etc.).

Images you've selected to sync to TikTok will automatically sync unless you have disabled Automatic Product Sync. If you have, then you will need to manually force a sync to push those images to TikTok.

Worried about your image being the wrong size? TikTok will add white bars to each side of an image to ensure that the full image is shown and displayed at the correct dimension.

Sync Multiple Product Images

  1. Navigate to the Edit Media tab of a product record. You can do this by selecting Edit Media in the top-left corner of a product record.
  2. For each image you wish to sync, select the TikTok icon in the top-right corner of the image tile.
    • Grayed icon. Image will not be included in the sync.
    • Blue icon. Image will be included in the sync.
  3. Select + Save & Sync to TikTok in the top-right corner of the page.

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