Curious how you can use SMS marketing with CommentSold? Read on to learn about our existing integration with Klaviyo

At this time, CommentSold does not offer SMS marketing capabilities, meaning retailers using CommentSold cannot use the platform to send texts to their customers. 

However, CommentSold’s existing integration with Klaviyo makes it possible for retailers to pass SMS subscribers to Klaviyo. Retailers can then use Klaviyo for the purpose of sending SMS marketing messages.

We walk through how this part of the integration works below.

Send SMS Messages Using Klaviyo

Platforms with SMS-sending capabilities allow retailers to craft fun, engaging texts to send to customers. These texts can promote specific products, a promotion or sale, or a marketing campaign. 

Retailers with an active Klaviyo integration can use the platform to send SMS messages to those customers who’ve opted in to receive them.

To do so, retailers will need to:

Once a retailer is live with Klaviyo SMS, Klaviyo will confirm all SMS opt-ins collected via CommentSold (more on that in the next section).

Klaviyo will add all new SMS subscribers to the SMS List you’ve selected on your Integrations page in CommentSold.

  What about subscribers who opted in before I started using Klaviyo? There are special steps you will need to follow to confirm opt-in for those subscribers who signed up prior to your setting up Klaviyo SMS. Learn about this process here.

Collecting SMS Consent

CommentSold collects telephone numbers and customer consent to receive SMS marketing messages during the registration process. Collecting SMS consent has two parts: 1) selecting the SMS Notifications checkbox, and 2) confirming opt-in at the registered phone number. 

This two-stage process is commonly referred to as double opt-in or confirmed consent as it sends a verification text to the phone number entered requesting that the person who received the text confirm that they did indeed sign up to receive SMS marketing texts.

Opt-In to Receive SMS Texts Verify Consent at Registered Phone Number

CommentSold captures the first step of SMS opt-in with the SMS Notifications checkbox on the new user registration team.


Please note that providing a telephone number and opting in to receive SMS are both optional and that opt-in can never be required. Customers will always be able to abstain from receiving text messages from a business.

Customers who initially opt-in to receive SMS marketing messages can opt-out at any time by either responding “STOP” to a text message or by deselecting the opt-in box on their Account Page. 

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