Want to better understand your shoppers’ checkout experience when they purchase dropship products? Read on to learn more.

We’ve updated how dropship product and shipping information appears in the checkout experience for mobile apps (both iOS and Android). These updates give your shoppers better insight into how their packages will be arriving, since dropship products will ship separately from products from your shop and products offered by other dropship suppliers.

  1. Shipments will display their shipment number out of the order’s total number of shipments (e.g., 1 of 3, 2 of 3, etc.).
  2. In the Shipping Options section, the customer will see who is shipping the product(s) in that specific shipment.
  3. The Shipping row will reflect the total shipping from the various suppliers ($5 flat fee for each unique dropship supplier in the order).
  4. Customers will see a message that explains shipping fees.

If you offer local pickup, then shoppers can change the shipping option for your shop-specific shipment by select EDIT in the top-right corner of the specific shipment summary.

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