Time Sensitive! If you are considering Videeo as your solution for the upcoming Shopify changes, you MUST sign up by Monday, June 3rd at 11:59 pm CST to receive loyalty discounted pricing and unlimited app downloads. Shops signing up for Videeo after this date will be subject to the current Videeo pricing plans.

To guarantee your Videeo iOS app will be available by 6/14 you MUST be signed up and completed your app submission correctly by Monday, June 3rd at 11:59 pm CST. Apps submitted after this time may be delivered after the 6/14 cut-off.

Considering a move from CommentSold to Videeo for Shopify? Before you do, we want to make sure you’re aware of the CS features that will not be available to you in Videeo.

Please review and acknowledge these changes before continuing with your Videeo migration.

What You Will Lose

  • Waitlist and Preauthorization. Customers will no longer be able to waitlist an item or preauthorize the purchase of a waitlist item once restocked. If you using waitlist and waitlist preauthorizations to inform inventory purchases, you will lose this insight.
  • CommentSold Dropship. You will lose access to the CommentSold Dropship catalog. You will have to manage your dropship catalog through Shopify.
  • Customer Credits. Customer loyalty credit will not transfer to Videeo. You’ll have to add credit amounts manually to customer records in Shopify. Only customer contact information will transfer. 
  • Video Content. All live sale replays, Popclips, AI Clips, and automatic product videos will not transfer to Videeo. While you can reupload Popclips, there is no way to upload live sale replays.
  • Collections. Any CommentSold collections will need to be rebuilt in Shopify. This is especially important for your Videeo mobile app.
  • Free Shipping Windows. You'll no longer be able to offer customers free shipping windows they can keep open with repeat purchases in a certain amount of time.

What Will Look or Work Different

  • Your Mobile App. You will need to recreate your CommentSold collections in Shopify for them to appear in your mobile app. Additionally, you won’t be able to publish content pages from your website to your mobile all (as was previously possible with Site Creator). You can view an example of a Videeo mobile app here.
  • Customer Accounts. Customer accounts that were created and maintained within CommentSold will not migrate to Shopify customer accounts. Customers will need to sign up for new accounts on your Shopify store. Customers can then use their new account for your mobile app. These accounts will contain their full Shopify order history and account history moving forward.
  • Social Comment Purchasing. Rather than carting an item, with Videeo, a social comment purchase will send a DM with a link that directs the customer to your website.
  Pricing changes with Videeo for Shopify. All new features released on Videeo (e.g., Popclips, AI ClipHero, CommentChat, etc.) will be add-ons available for an additional monthly fee.
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