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Before You Migrate

Considering a move from CommentSold to Videeo for Shopify? Before you do, we want to make sure you’re aware of the CS features that will not be available to you in Videeo.

Please review and acknowledge these changes before continuing with your Videeo migration.

Step 1: Install Videeo

You can download Videeo from your Shopify app store. We walk you through the process in the below article:

Step 2: Set Up Your Mobile App

You will need to submit a new app with Videeo. 

  •  If you have an existing Mobile App with CommentSold, please notify our team so that we can accurately identify it. You will not need to create a new developer account or obtain a DUNS number again.
  • Update invite for Videeo to Your Apple Developer Account - Invite the CS Dev Team information on your Apple Developer account. You can find the contact information in the checklist for your app submission process. Also ensure you’ve accepted any updated Apple license agreements (if applicable).

Please ensure that the below steps are completed directly after submitting your app:

  • Published collections in Shopify. These collections need at least 3 active products published to your Videeo sales channel.
  • Products within Collections must have images.
  • Photo(s) and inventory levels for all products within the published collection.
  • Published at least one (1) Popclip (For Android apps only).

Step 3: Configure and Upload Popclips

Popclips will not carry over from CommentSold. If you have Popclips you want on your mobile app and product pages, you’ll need to re-create them in Videeo. Use the linked articles below to learn how!

  • Create Popclips (Shoppable videos) - With Popclips (Shoppable Video), you can create an engaging shopping experience on both your website and mobile app.
  • Hide a Popclip on a Product page - Popclips appear in your mobile app Popclip feed with links to those products, and the Popclip will also appear on the product page for the linked product(s). However, you can hide a Popclip from appearing on a product page, if desired. 

Step 4: Set Up Live Selling

Setting up live selling withing Videeo includes:

  • Enabling Miniplayer During Installation - Installing Videeo is a straightforward process. Please ensure that pop-up blockers are disabled for your browser before installing Videeo’s miniplayer.
  • Pinning Videeo to Your Shpify Side Menu - Pinning your Videeo sales channel to your side menu makes it easy to jump into the platform to start a live sale.
  • Connecting Facebook - Broadcasting to your Facebook page makes it easy to target and interact with new and existing customers, as well as build general brand awareness. 
  • Connecting Instagram - Instagram with Videeo uses a third-party application called Instafeed. We are the first in our industry to offer this type of connection, and we’re really excited for you to take advantage of it!
  • Adding Your Live Shopping Page to Your Side Navigation - Make it easy for your shoppers to jump to your live shopping experience by linking your Live Shopping page in your site’s navigation.

Going Live with Videeo

Before you go live for the first time on Videeo, please refer to the below checklist.

  • Conduct a Test Live - Make sure you conduct a test live on Videeo to get familiar with the process.

Once you are ready, you can go live with Videeo!

  • Go Live with Videeo - With Videeo, you can go live across social media and your website simultaneously for a multi-channel experience–just like you did in CommentSold! Note: No need for the Broadcast app with Videeo! We use our multi-source setup to generate your broadcast link.
  • Invite a Guest Host to Join Your Live Sale - Add an additional host feed to your live sale. It’s a great opportunity to bring in guest speakers, customers, or personalities to boost viewership, engagement, and purchases.
  • Start a Scheduled Live Sale - With Live Scheduler, you can plan and schedule upcoming live sale events. This allows you to promote and build hype around an event theme, featured collections and products, and/or a promotion. 

Pull Customer Loyalty Data from CommentSold

If you have customers with existing loyalty credit(s) that you would like to move over to Shopify, please follow these steps: 

  1. Hover over the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard, then select Customers.
  2. Select Email Customers Export as CSV at the top of the page.
  3. Upon receiving the email export, note the Discount Credit column. This will be the remaining credit on customer CommentSold accounts.
  4. Within Shopify, you will create Gift Cards for each customer in the amount of the credit from CommentSold.

If the customer does not have an existing Shopify account, you should be able to create a customer account for them using their email and sending them a link to create a password.

  A note on customer accounts: Customer accounts that were created and maintained within CommentSold will not migrate to Shopify customer accounts. This means customer loyalty credits and order history will not transfer. Customers will need to sign up for new accounts on your Shopify store. Customers can then use their new account for your mobile app. These accounts will contain their full Shopify order history and account history moving forward.

When to Cancel CommentSold

Once your receive your new Videeo iOS and/or Android app, a Customer Solutions Representative will reach out and offer you an option to keep your CommentSold account for a fee or to cancel your CommentSold account. Your CommentSold account will be disabled if you don’t respond within 14 days.



To learn more about Videeo for Shopify, check out our YouTube channel, Help Center, and Reddit community!


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