Rest assured with Delivery Guarantee! Enable Delivery Guarantee and offer customers package protection from damage, loss, or theft throughout delivery.

We're excited to offer Delivery Guarantee, a package protection service provided by by Seel. Delivery Guarantee service offers enhanced purchase security, protecting customers’ purchases against theft, damage, and loss during shipment. 

Shoppers can easily purchase Delivery Guarantee during checkout on your website and mobile app. 

Enable Delivery Guarantee

  1. Hover over the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard, then select Setup.
  2. Select More Integrations from the options listed at the top of the page.
  3. Locate the Delivery Guarantee section and enable the toggle. 

That’s it! Shoppers will now see Delivery Guarantee during checkout on your website or mobile app.

  Important! Delivery Guarantee will be added to a shopper's cart by default. Shoppers will need to disable the toggle to remove the protection from their cart.

View Orders with Delivery Guarantee

Orders with Delivery Guarantee protection will display a highlighted Delivery Guarantee badge on your Orders page. You can also view the cost of the protection in the order summary.

If a customer opens a claim with Seel on a Delivery Guaranteed, you will see the status of the claim displayed in the order summary.

  • Created. A customer has opened a claim for their order via the Seel Resolution Center.
  • Accepted. Seel accepted the customer’s claim and refunded the order.
  • Rejected. Seel rejected the customer’s claim.

Delivery Guarantee Filters

You have two new filter options that will allow you to filter for Delivery Guarantee orders. These filters are located within the existing filter options section for easy access.

  • Delivery Guarantee. View orders that have Delivery Guarantee protection.
  • Cancelled Delivery Guarantee. View orders where the customer cancelled their Delivery Guarantee protection.
  • Seel Claim: Pending. View orders with an open Delivery Guarantee claim with Seel.
  • Seel Claim: Accepted. View orders with Delivery Guarantee claims that Seel accepted.
  • Rejected. View orders with Delivery Guarantee claims that Seel rejected.

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