Where to Get Support

CommentSold has a variety of options for getting support with the product, or with your business.

You've already discovered our Help Center (that's where you are now!). The Help Center is the best resource for written tutorials and guides for CommentSold. This article covers other helpful resources that you can consult when you have questions about CommentSold or about operating your business!


Chat Support

Our cheerful Chat Support team is ready and waiting to help you from within your CommentSold admin dashboard! When in your dashboard, you'll see a blue "Chat" icon in the bottom right corner. Click this to contact the team, or to confirm that all CommentSold systems are operational!


VIP Facebook Group

Our members-only Facebook group has over 5000 members and is the perfect place to ask questions of your fellow boutique owners! Whether these questions are about how to use CommentSold, what wholesalers to check out, or what trends are on the rise, you'll find answers here.

Click to visit the Facebook page and request to join!


YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is continually updated with educational and training videos. Here you can find tutorials on CommentSold features as well as tips and tricks for running your businesses.

Click to visit our YouTube channel (don't forget to subscribe!).


CommentSold Status Page

If you just need a quick confirmation that all CommentSold systems are fully operational, you can check in on our Status page. You can subscribe for updates from this page if an issue is ever detected!


Click to visit the CommentSold Status page.


You can view all Support options available to you at a glance from within the Support tab of your CommentSold admin dashboard!

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