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CommentSold offers three pricing tiers to support businesses of all sizes.


This Article Covers:


The Basic Plan

$49/month + 5% commission on sales


The Basic Plan is ideal for solopreneurs and hobbyists who are just getting started with selling online. It includes the following features:

  • Live selling on Facebook 
  • Comment selling on Facebook & Instagram
  • CommentSold webstore
  • Automated invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Fulfillment & shipping
  • Chat support



The Business Plan

$149/month + 3% commission on sales


The Business plan is our most popular plan, and is ideal for businesses of any size! In addition to the features included on the Basic plan, it includes:

  • A branded mobile app (for iOS & Android)
  • Live selling on your mobile app
  • Guided onboarding & implementation
  • Prioritized chat support



The Enterprise Plan


The Enterprise plan is designed for large scale retailers who require more custom support and development. 


To discuss Enterprise options, request a Sales call.


Determining the Best Plan for Your Business


In most cases, shops are selecting between the Basic and Business plans. There are a few simple questions you can ask to help determine which plan is right for your business.


Is your business generating at least $5K in monthly revenue?


If so, the decision is easy! At $5K per month, your costs will be equal between the Basic and Business plan, and the extra features you'd get with the Business plan make it a no brainer!


Ex: Your shop generates $5K/month in revenue.


On the Basic plan, you would pay: 

$49 as your subscription fee + $250 in commission ($5000 * .05 = $250) = $299 each month

On the Business plan, you would pay: 

$149 as your subscription fee + $150 in commission ($5000 * .03 = $150) = $299 each month


Could your business benefit from a mobile app?


Branded mobile apps are only available to customers on the Business plan. If you would like to be able to post products to and stream live sales on your own mobile app, you will need to invest in the Business plan.


On average, our shops see an average revenue increase of over 20% within 6 months of launching their mobile app! This revenue increase, along with the decreased commission fees, make the Business plan the cost effective choice for most shops.

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