I just started my trial—now what?

It's easier than ever to get started with CommentSold, with a no-risk, 30 day free trial.


CommentSold offers a 30 day free trial to allow you to explore all product features and begin to sell without risk. During your trial, you'll have access to all features for your selected plan.


Note: The monthly subscription fee ($49/month for the Basic plan and $149/month for the Business plan) is waived during the trial period, but commission will still be charged for sales generated through CommentSold.


To make the most of your trial, we recommend following these steps for your initial setup:


  1. Set a sales goal for your first 30 days on CommentSold. Write it down! 
  2. Complete the Shop section of the Setup tab, including your business information and shop settings. Learn how.
  3. Connect your Facebook business page, groups, and Messenger under the Facebook Setup tab. Learn how. 
  4. Connect your preferred payment gateways under Setup → Payment Gateways. Learn how.
  5. Configure your shipping settings under Setup → Shipping. Learn how. If you are using a shipping solution outside of CommentSold, learn more about shipping integrations here.
  6. Set up Avalara for sales tax management under Setup → Taxes. Learn how.
  7. Connect your Instagram business account under Setup → Instagram. Learn how.
  8. Set up your Facebook and Messenger templates in the Templates section of the Setup tab. Learn how.
  9. Configure your shipping label settings under Setup → Shipping Labels. Learn how.
  10. Set up marketing automation under Setup → Marketing Automation. Learn how.

Once you've got your account set up, you're ready to focus on selling! 

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