Shipping Integrations

CommentSold integrates with Shippo, ShipStation, and Shopify for shops who would like to ship through these providers.


While it is not necessary to use an outside shipping solution in addition to CommentSold, we do offer integrations with Shippo, ShipStation, and Shopify.


If you would like to learn how to set up CommentSold Shipping, you can read our tutorial here. For step-by-step instructions on setting up third party shipping integrations, watch the video below or read on!




This Article Covers:


Connecting CommentSold to Shippo


With CommentSold's integration with Shippo, Shippo will generate the label price, but the entire label creation and fulfillment process will take place within CommentSold.


Follow these steps to integrate your Shippo account to CommentSold:


  1. You will first need to disable "Use CommentSold Shipping" from within the Setup tab. You will find this setting under Setup → Shipping


  2. Refresh the page. You will see a new option to enter a live token from Shippo at the top of the Shipping settings.
  3. Generate an API live token within your Shippo account. You will find this under Settings → API. Click "Generate Token" under "Live Tokens."


  4. Copy the token produced and paste it into your CommentSold dashboard. Click on "Update goShippo API token." 


Once your live token is entered into CommentSold, you're ready to start shipping with Shippo! 


Connecting CommentSold to ShipStation


With CommentSold's integration with ShipStation, orders from CommentSold will be synced to ShipStation and the entire shipping label creation and fulfillment process will take place within ShipStation.


Follow these steps to integrate your ShipStation account to CommentSold:


  1. Visit the ShipStation section within the CommentSold dashboard. You can find this under Setup → Shipping → ShipStation.
  2. Copy your API Key and API Secret from your ShipStation account. You can find these by selecting the gear icon at the top right of your ShipStation dashboard, then Account → API Settings. Click “Generate API Keys” at the bottom of the page.


  3. Enter the API Key and API Secret generated by ShipStation into your CommentSold dashboard and click "Update API Keys."



You are now ready to ship with ShipStation! Any orders placed with CommentSold after ShipStation has been integrated will be synced. Orders placed before the integration was completed will need to be manually entered into ShipStation.


ShipStation Settings within CommentSold


There are a few settings that can be enabled or disabled within CommentSold when using the ShipStation integration.




If you would like local pickup orders synced to ShipStation, make sure Sync Local Pickup Orders is toggled to "Enabled." If disabled, only orders scheduled for shipment will be synced to ShipStation.


If Fulfillment Notifications is enabled, fulfilling an order within ShipStation will trigger email and Messenger notifications from CommentSold to opted-in customers. These notifications will let customers know that their orders have been fulfilled, and that items will be shipped soon.


If you would like to be emailed when there is an error with syncing between CommentSold and ShipStation, be sure to enable Receive an Email when an order fails to sync with ShipStation.


Connecting CommentSold to Shopify


If you previously synced Shopify with CommentSold, the only action you will need to take to use Shopify for shipping is to enable "Send Orders to Shopify" in the CommentSold admin dashboard. You can find this setting in Setup → Shopify Sync.


With CommentSold's integration with Shopify, orders will be synced between Shopify and CommentSold. The entire shipping label creation and fulfillment process will take place within Shopify.


If you have not yet connected Shopify, read on!


Follow these steps to integrate your Shopify account with CommentSold:


  1. First, click on the Setup tab in your CommentSold admin dashboard. Then click Shopify Sync.
  2. Enter your Shopify shop address and click "Connect Shopify." You will be redirected to Shopify to log in. Once you are logged in, you will be returned to CommentSold and your accounts will begin to sync. This process can take a few minutes.


  3. Enable "Send Orders to Shopify" to fulfill orders within Shopify.
  4. Verify that the account connection was successful. When syncing is complete, you should see a green "Connected" label with a message that your Shopify account is connected!


Now that Shopify is connected for fulfillment, you will see a link to "View in Shopify" next to orders in your Order/Fulfillment tab in the CommentSold admin dashboard. What you ship in Shopify will sync with CommentSold!


For more information on the Shopify integration with CommentSold, read our Syncing with Shopify article.

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