Syncing with Shopify

While a Shopify account is not necessary to use CommentSold, if you would like to keep your existing Shopify account, we offer a simple integration!


CommentSold offers many of the features available with Shopify without additional plugins or integrations. However, some shops with established Shopify webstores would like to continue using Shopify alongside CommentSold. Watch the video below or read on to learn how to sync CommentSold with Shopify.

Note: Due to the nature of this integration, you may experience occasional oversells in times of very fast, high volume sales in CommentSold. 




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Connecting to Shopify


Connecting Shopify to CommentSold can be done in just a few minutes.


In order to connect Shopify with CommentSold:


  1. First, click on the Setup tab in your CommentSold admin dashboard. Then click Shopify Sync.
  2. Enter your Shopify shop address and click "Connect Shopify." You will be redirected to Shopify to log in. Once you are logged in, you will be returned to CommentSold and your accounts will begin to sync. This process can take a few minutes.


  3. You will need to decide if you would like to fulfill orders within CommentSold or Shopify. Enable "Send Orders to Shopify" if you would like to fulfill with Shopify. Keep this disabled if you would like to fulfill within CommentSold.
  4. Verify that the account connection was successful. When syncing is complete, you should see a green "Connected" label with a message that your Shopify account is connected!


Note: Due to the nature of this integration, you may see occasional oversells in times of very fast, high volume sales in CommentSold.


Shopify Select Your Location


CommentSold syncs to the Shipping Origin (default location) in Shopify. If you have multiple locations within your Shopify account and would like to sell from a different location, you'll need to contact our Support team to have this option enabled. You can contact them via Chat Support within your CommentSold dashboard if you will need to use this feature!


CommentSold can only sell from one location's inventory at a time. Before you change the location synced to your CommentSold account, you will need to clear all carted items from the current location.


Once enabled, click the Setup tab in your CommentSold dashboard and then click Shopify Sync. Find the section labeled "Shopify Location" and click "Set Location."



Once you click this button, one of two popups will appear. If you see the popup below, you simply need to select a location and click "Set Location."




If the following popup appears, you will need to decide if you would like to clear the "Currently carted inventory" from your default location from carts in order to change locations. You can either click "Clear" and wait for the items to clear before setting a new location, or close this popup and return when you are ready to change locations.




Once synced, you will only be able to sell inventory from that location only. All inventory amounts and sales will be based solely on that location. You will see inventory from other locations, but the amounts will show as 0 in CommentSold if no inventory exists in the location you are synced with. If you fulfill through Shopify, the fulfillment location will be set to the location you are selling from in CommentSold.


What happens if I want to switch between locations on Shopify?

Any carted Shopify items will be cleared from your customers' carts prior to switching to a new location. This is to help prevent any inventory errors.


What happens if I turn off "Select Your Location" in CommentSold?

CommentSold will sync to the Shipping Origin (default location) in your Shopify account. Any carted Shopify items from another location will be cleared from your customers' carts. This is to help prevent any inventory errors.


What happens if I disconnect Shopify from CommentSold and reconnect it later?

When you reconnect to Shopify, the last location you selected to sell from will be the default location. If you want to change it to a different location, you will click on "Change Location" in Setup → Shopify Sync.




Shopify Parent/Baby SKUs


Shopify uses both "parent" and "baby" SKUs for product variants. CommentSold uses only a parent SKU. We have a few tips to help Shopify and CommentSold effectively communicate about your inventory.


The parent SKU is the SKU that you enter at the very top of a Shopify product page, next to the price and cost of goods. There is also a baby SKU for each variant. These are auto-populated by Shopify. 




In the screenshot above, the SKU entered at the top of the page (the parent SKU) was "test123" and Shopify auto-populated "test123," "test124," and "test125" as baby SKUs.


Because CommentSold does not use both parent and baby SKUs, CommentSold would pull the common denominator for the variants—in this case, "test12." 




To correct this, you will want to make sure that all of your variants have the common denominator set to the SKU you would like in CommentSold.




Best practice is to start at the bottom and add the suffix to each variant SKU, as shown above. If you have three variants (small, medium, and large), you would start at the bottom with -3, then -2, then -1. The common denominator is now "test123," and this is what will be pulled over to CommentSold.

To change the variants in Shopify, go into your product and select "Edit Variant" and then "Edit SKUs" from the dropdown menu, as seen below.





Once the changes have been made in Shopify, it will take about 10 minutes for the updates to sync to CommentSold!

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