If your business sells preorders, you will need to know how to set this up accurately in CommentSold.


Generally speaking, we do not recommend that shops run preorders. In the era of free two-day shipping, there are not many customers willing to wait 10+ days to receive an item. Additionally, you take on the risk of unhappy customers should the orders be delayed, incorrect, or canceled. We do not recommend doing preorders with items from vendors such as Fashion Go, Orange Shine, or LA Showroom as there is too much risk involved.


However, in some cases preorders do make sense for your business! For example, if you sell limited edition specialty children's clothing, you would most likely do preorders. Or perhaps you have an established relationship with a vendor and cancellations or delays are not likely. Or maybe you sell made to order T-shirts. Whatever your reason, we're here to support you!


To add a product for preorder into CommentSold, you will follow the same steps as you do to add a non-preorder product. First, visit the Products tab of your CommentSold dashboard.


Click on the green "Add Product" button at the top right of the screen. You will enter any details for the product that you currently have. The biggest difference between the typical product entry and entering a preorder is that you will need to uncheck the box for "Received Product." You will leave this box unchecked until you receive the product so that orders of this item won't process when you are doing shipping/fulfillment.




Note: If you would like to offer add-ons (such as monograms) with your preorders, read our article on Selling Products with Add-Ons.


Next, you will need to decide if you want your customers to prepay for the preordered product. If you do not want your customers to prepay for the product, when you enter it into your inventory, set the quantity to zero.  Anyone who comments on this product will be added to the waitlist for the item. Once you have the products in hand, you will update the quantity. This will send an email notification to your customers, letting them know it's time to finalize the purchase!




If you do want your customers to prepay for the product, enter a high number for the quantity. Anyone who purchases will be automatically invoiced. Once your customers have paid, you can update the quantity to remove any extras. Using this method, you will know exactly how many you need to order and run no risk of having excess inventory.


Note: You run the most risk with preorders when charging for the item in advance. If your vendors do not deliver the items on time or if the order is incorrect, you may have very unhappy customers.


Once you have received your preorder products, you will need to check the box for "Received Product" on the Edit Product page. If your inventory is set to zero, adjust the quantities to reflect what the vendor delivered. Waitlisted items will be automatically added to carts after a few moments. 


If your customers pre-paid and you set the quantity of each variant when you created the item, then you do not need to adjust the inventory. Orders can be fulfilled just like you would for any other product!

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