The intake process is make or break for successful inventory management. This guide will help you establish an effective process!


Intake is one of the most important roles on your team, as these team members are the first to touch all inventory! Training your team in the following process will help eliminate or reduce errors and set the stage for successful selling and fulfillment.

1. Entering Inventory


When receiving inventory from your vendor, there is no need to immediately begin opening boxes to input items into CommentSold. You can instead take the packing slip associated with the order and enter the key fields for each item. You can pull most of what you will need with just the packing slip and your imagination (for fields like Product Name)! Images and descriptions can be added later.


Shops often ask if entering products from packing slips will prevent the intake team from catching mistakes (such as incorrect item counts) from the vendor. The intake team will be verifying that the correct items and counts were received during the barcoding step—no need to do it twice!


2. Unboxing Inventory


You've already entered the products you received using the packing slip. When you're ready to unbox, you can search for each product as you remove it for weighing.


We highly recommend weighing your items at this point so you do not waste time weighing the same product repeatedly during order fulfillment. By entering the weight of each variant of each product now, you will not need to weigh them again.


Note: We recommend weighing each variant rather than just a single variant of each product. This will help to ensure that you are purchasing the correct postage for your orders and are not later charged for overages.


3. Barcoding Items


During barcoding, the intake team will verify that the correct items were received. Quantities have been entered from the packing slips and you will print barcodes that reflect the information entered. If you have too many or too few barcodes, you will know there is an issue with the order!


If there is a discrepancy between your order and what you received, make a note of the issue on the invoice and give this to whoever is responsible with ordering to follow up with the vendor. 


4. Storing Items


Once items are barcoded, decide where in your warehouse or storage location you would like to store them. Update the location on the Edit Inventory page for the product in CommentSold. 


There is no need to worry about the single item you keep aside for photographing or live selling. When you are ready to store this item, you can search it in CommentSold to view the product's location in storage. You will also be able to add the photos you took to the product listing at this time!

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