If your shop sells products with add ons (such as monograms), this article will walk you through how to do this with CommentSold.


Add Ons is a beta feature within CommentSold. If you would like Add Ons enabled for your account, reach out to chat support from your dashboard!


Adding a Product with Add Ons


Both regular products and Split Pay products can include add ons. Once enabled, you will see a checkbox for "Include Add-Ons" when adding a product. When this is checked, you will have additional options for add ons later in the product creation process.




Next, add any available images and inventory details just as you would for any other product. After the Edit Inventory section, there is now a section for Edit Add Ons. When creating a new add on, you will be able to enter a Name and Price and require customer text input if necessary (such as for monograms).




When you are ready to sell your product, you will share it in the same way you do any other product through CommentSold. Be sure to share any details your shoppers should know about the add ons. In the example below, the description explains both the Split Pay and add ons (monogramming).




When your customer adds to item to their cart, they will see the link for Available Add-Ons.




Clicking this link will show any add ons you created for the product along with their price. If the add on requires custom text to be entered, this is where they will enter that text.




In the Orders/Fulfillment tab of your CommentSold dashboard, you will see a column for "Add-Ons" with any details the customer submitted. This information will also display on the order's packing slip.



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