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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to link and unlink your Facebook page and group(s).
  • How to add linked group(s) to your Facebook page.
  • How to highlight your Facebook page on your group cover photo.

About Facebook Pages and Groups

Facebook business pages and groups help shops create brand awareness on social media. Pages allow your shop to use additional Facebook features like setting up a Facebook Shop. Groups allow your shop to build a community and an interactive environment.

For these reasons, we recommend creating both a business page and at least one group to engage with your Facebook shoppers. Once you connect your Facebook page and group(s) in CommentSold, you can link your page and group(s) in Facebook to access additional benefits.

  Note: You must be the admin of both the Facebook page and group(s) to link them together. Have an admin complete the linking process, or have an admin grant you an administrator role for the page and group(s) so you can complete the process yourself.

How Linking Your Facebook Page and Group Benefits Your Shop

  • Create and send Facebook Auto Replies via CommentSold to provide top-notch customer service using Messenger.
  • Take advantage of live Messenger notifications to send shoppers reminders of live sales and promotions from CommentSold.
  • React, reply, comment, and post as your page account (rather than your personal account) in your Facebook group to build cohesive branding. 
  • Easily cross-promote your Facebook page and group to each other’s audiences for social media visibility. 

Link Your Facebook Page and Group

You can link one or more Facebook groups to a single Facebook page. Since your CommentSold account allows enabling multiple groups, we recommend completing this process for all groups you have enabled on CommentSold for maximum benefit.

  1. On your Facebook group, select Manage in the side menu. 
  2. Scroll and locate the Settings section in the side menu, then select Group Settings.
  3. Scroll and locate the Manage Advanced Settings section at the bottom of the page, then select Linked Pages.
  4. In the pop-up, locate the business page you wish to link and select Link.
  5. Confirm this action. Once confirmed, you will see a notification that Facebook has successfully linked the page you selected to your group.
  6. To unlink a page, select Unlink. Once the page is unlinked, you will see a notification that Facebook has successfully removed the page you selected from your group.

Display Linked Groups on Your Facebook Page

Once you link your page and group(s), you can add a Groups tab to your Facebook page navigation to increase group visibility. You can also reorder groups to reflect the order of importance. 

  1. On your Facebook page, select Manage in the side menu.
  2. Scroll and locate the Settings section in the side menu, then select Templates and Tabs.
  3. In the Tabs section, locate Groups and select the toggle to enable. 
  4. If you wish to move the Groups tab to a more visible order on your page’s tabs, you can drag and drop the Groups option to the place you wish it to be.
  5. Return to your Facebook page. Your Groups tab should now appear where you placed it in your page's navigation menu. If you do not see this tab, refresh the page.  
  6. Select the Groups tab to invite page fans to the linked group or to unlink a group. 

Feature Your Page on Group Cover Photo

Featuring your page as part of your group cover photo increases the visibility of your page and makes it easier for group members to navigate there. The more your shoppers engage with your group and page, the more Facebook will display your shop's posts and live sales in their feeds. 

  1. On your group page, select Manage in the side menu.
  2. Scroll and locate the Settings section in the side menu, then select Group Settings.
  3. In the Customize Group section, select Group Affiliation.
  4. In a pop-up, select the Group Affiliation toggle to enable.
  5. Select the page you wish to feature and select Save.

The selected page’s name will appear in a banner at the bottom of your group’s cover photo. When a shopper hovers over the page name, business information will show. When a shopper selects the page name, they are redirected to your business page. 

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