Facebook Live Shopping allows businesses to offer a live-streamed shopping experience through their Facebook business page. Shops can feature products, provide product details, and offer purchase options while interacting with their shoppers during a live broadcast.

Unlike live selling with CommentSold, Facebook Live Shopping isn't available to all shops using the platform. Facebook also requires businesses to set up a Facebook shop, which can be a complicated process to complete.

  Note: While Facebook Live Shopping can potentially feature a shop's live sale in the Facebook Marketplace Live Shopping feed, this is not guaranteed. At this time, Facebook has not disclosed how shop lives are selected for the Facebook Marketplace Live Shopping feed beyond using the Facebook Live Shopping feature.

Before You Go Live

Before you can go live using Facebook Live Shopping, you'll need to complete the following tasks:

  • Connect a Custom Domain. Your shop will need a custom domain in order to use your CommentSold webstore as the preferred checkout method.
  • Set Up a Facebook Shop. Facebook will need to review and approve your shop, so we recommend setting up your Facebook shop well in advance of when you would like to go live using Facebook Live Shopping. 
  • Create a Facebook Product Catalog. You will need to upload products to your Facebook shop to create a Live Shopping playlist.
  • Create a Playlist. Select item(s) you wish to feature in your Live Shopping sale. 
  • Going Live Using Stream Keys. You will need to use the stream keys option for your live stream. The steps for live shopping will need to be completed before going live on CommentSold.

Check for Facebook Live Shopping Access

At this time, Facebook Live Shopping is only available to some shops. Below, we outline how you can determine whether you have access to Facebook's Live Shopping feature.

  1. On your shop's Facebook page, locate the Create options and select Live.
  2. Select + Create New at the bottom of the Go Live section.
    • You must perform this step on a desktop computer. This page is not available on mobile devices.
  3. Look for Live Shopping Dashboard in the side menu.
  Don’t see the Live Shopping dashboard? Then your shop does not have this functionality. Access to this function is at Facebook’s discretion and is subject to change without notice from Facebook. 

Go Live with Facebook Live Shopping

If you have access to Facebook's Live Shopping function, then you can use it for live sales. You will also need to use stream keys for a Live Shopping live sale. Learn more about using stream keys here.

  1. Select Live Shopping dashboard in the side menu of your Facebook Live Producer. 
  2. In the Select a playlist section, select Choose my playlist.
  3. Select the playlist you wish to use for your Live Shopping live sale, then select Save.
  4. Follow the steps outlined in our Go Live on Facebook Using Stream Keys to start your live sale.

Once you are live streaming in CommentSold while linked to Facebook, you can go back to your Facebook page and select Feature an Item. Shoppers watching on your Facebook page will see the featured item in the lower-right corner of the live sale feed.

  Have you enabled Going Live as Page Instead of Profile? We strongly recommend going live as your Facebook page as it simplifies CommentSold's ability to read SOLD comments. When enabled, CommentSold will send shoppers who've carted items an invoice via Messenger. This message will contain a call-to-action link that will automatically confirm a shopper's account. Learn how to enable this setting here.
Don’t forget processing times. Once a live sale ends, CommentSold will need to process the video before you can add it as a Live Replay. Processing times average out to half the length of the live sale. For example, if your live sale was 60 minutes, then the video would take 30 minutes to process. You can view video processing statuses here.

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