Migrating from the Classic to the New Webstore

If you had a webstore with CommentSold before the latest version was released, you are able to migrate it at any time.

The New Webstore has arrived, along with upgrades to design and customization tools and the ability to go “Live on the Web”. To take advantage of these upgrades, you’ll need to complete a quick and easy migration from the Classic Webstore to the New Webstore. 


During the migration, your webstore content automatically transfers over so you won’t lose the hard work you’ve already put into it. Before we show you how to make the switch, check to make sure you are still on the Classic Webstore.



Take a look at your CommentSold dashboard. If the tab above Webstore Design reads Classic Webstore, you are still on the Classic version. You will still be able to manage your Classic webstore from this tab as long as it exists, but you will now see a banner at the top announcing the new webstore.




If you click the green Get Started button, you will be taken to the new Webstore Design tab. From there, you can perfect your design with the new tools. Learn more about designing your webstore here



Or, if you’re ready to launch your new webstore right away, you can simply press “Publish”. Just be sure to check the preview to make sure everything looks good beforehand.

Note: Your existing webstore will remain live to your shoppers until you decide to publish with the latest version! 


A few more things to note about migration:

  • Migration will not be complete until you click Publish from the Webstore Design Tab.
  • All of your images, navigation, and webstore settings will be carried over to the new version of your webstore. 
  • As soon as you publish your webstore, you can begin live selling there with Live on the Web!
  • If you’d like to revert back to the Classic Webstore, you will be able to do so from the Webstore Content tab (which will replace the Classic Webstore tab upon publishing your new webstore). Your webstore will be reverted to where it was just prior to migration.

As always, live chat support is available if you have any questions or concerns. Please reach out to us if you need help.

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