Going Live as Your Facebook Page

You can host a live sale on your Facebook page or group(s) as yourself or as your Facebook Page. There are some advantages to going live as your Page!


Previously, CommentSold recommended that shops go live as their personal profile rather than as their Facebook Page. Recent improvements make going live as a Facebook Page a much better option!


With the current system in place, it is much easier for new customers to confirm their accounts when you go live with CommentSold as your Facebook Page! Read on to learn more about the advantages.


When you go live as your personal profile:


If a customer in your Facebook group comments on a post and CommentSold does not yet have permission to read their comments, CommentSold cannot take any action. The shop can respond to the commenter with a link to confirm their account, but the shopper must click and then comment yet again to grant permissions. Many confirmations are never completed due to this.


When you go live as your Page:


If a customer in your Facebook group posts a "sold" comment and CommentSold does not yet have permission to read their comments, CommentSold will send them an invoice over Messenger as a private reply. This message will have a call-to-action, such as "Click here to add to cart" or "Click here to waitlist pre-authorize" and clicking the link will automatically confirm their account without any further action required!


These messages will be delivered even if shops do not have Messenger auto-replies enabled, as these are considered private replies.


Note: In order to have a cart reserved, CommentSold must know who the shopper is. If a person has never shopped with your store before, a cart will only be created when they click on the link they are sent in Messenger.


As you can see, going live as your Page is a far better option if you want to simplify the account confirmation process for shoppers! To go live as your Page, visit the Facebook Setup tab in your CommentSold dashboard and enable Go Live as Page instead of Profile.



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