Analyzing Live History

View and manage details and in-depth analytics for past live sales events from Live History.


In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use each part of the Live History tab to measure your live sale's performance and find the metrics you are looking for.

This Article Covers:

Accessing an Overview of All Past Live Sales

Live History will display a listing of all your previous live sales, along with their basic details and core metrics. To access this page, navigate to Live tab, then from click Live History from the top menu.

Here you can view livestream dates, the name of previous lives, # of viewers by channel, livestream length, total revenue, revenue per minute, and which past lives are shown in your mobile app.





Managing Live Replays

Live History is also used to manage your Live Replays, the shoppable recordings of past live sales which can be published to your mobile app and/or webstore.


You can add or remove Live Replays by checking/unchecking the boxes for App or Web under the Show Replay column here. 

You can also rename a sale to change the title that appears on the Live Replay. To do this, click the three dots next to the sale, then click Rename

See our guide for using Live Replays if you'd like to learn more about using them on your webstore and mobile app.

Viewing In-Depth Analytics for a Past Live Sale

To measure the performance of a past live sale, you will need to access its Live Statistics page.

From Live History, click on the name of the live sale you want to analyze. This will launch the Live Statistics page for a detailed report.

We've added numbers in the screenshot below to highlight and review helpful areas in the Live Statisics page.



1. Summary

The Summary section will show the name of the past live sale you are currently analyzing. Below the name, you will see tabs—Summary, Revenue, and Viewers.

The Summary tab will provide a high-level overview of key metrics.Summary-summary_backdrop.png


The Revenue tab shows a breakdown of revenue and payments from the live sale and Live Replay over various sources.Summary-revenue_backdrop.png


Note: Unlike revenue reported in other sections of your CommentSold dashboard, the revenue shown in your Live History does not reflect account credit or coupons used or taxes and shipping charged. It is an estimate of the earnings from your live sale based on the items sold and their prices, but it is not an accurate reflection of payments received.


The Viewers tab shows the average and max viewers on your live sale by channel.Summary-viewers_backdrop.png


2. Featured Products

The Featured Products section lists the products that were included in the live sale, sorted by the amount of revenue generated.


If your sale is posted as a Live Replay in your webstore, you can go to this section to generate a link to the video at the exact time the product was shown. 

Click the arrow under the time stamp of any product to copy this link. Paste it for use in product-centric paid ads or to share directly with customers.


3. Graph

The line graph allows you to see the details of your sale over time. You can hover over the graph to view different products and metrics at specific time intervals.

Hovering over a product's timestamp in the Featured Products tab will highlight the time on the graph when that product was featured.




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