Managing Your Webstore Content

Webstore content refers to the Pages and Collections you would like to display on your webstore.

The Webstore Content tab is where you will organize and compose your Pages and Collections, so that they may be later included in webstore design. Once added, they will appear in the webstore builder for you to insert in various locations.

In addition, the Webstore Content tab is where you can manage Webstore Preferences, and view/export the Email List that is captured through the webstore popup.

Note:  If you cannot locate the Webstore Content tab through the main menu, this is an indication that you are still on the Classic Webstore. This article covers content management for the New Webstore. If you're still on the Classic Webstore and want to switch to the latest version, click here to learn how. If you'd like to continue using the Classic Webstore, you will find resources for it here.


This Article Covers


Webstore Pages & Collections

To manage your webstore's pages and collections, click the Webstore Content tab. The top menu will allow you to switch between Pages and Collections. You can add, edit, or delete pages and collections from their respective tabs.


When adding or editing a Page, you will be able to enter:

  • Page Title
  • URL 
  • Content (text only)
  • SEO Page Title
  • SEO Meta Description


When adding or editing a Collection, you will be able to enter:

  • Collection Title
  • URL
  • Content (text only)
  • App Sorting Position
  • Auto Remove Products after X days
  • Collection Image
  • SEO Collection Title
  • SEO Meta Description

To learn more about collections and how to set them up, see our extensive guide for Managing Collections.


Webstore Preferences

Under Webstore Content > Preferences, you can enter a Homepage title & metadescription to define how your homepage shows up on search engines.

Other settings you can enable or disable from this page include:

Default Products to Unpublished - When enabled, products will default to unpublished when created. This allows you to publish new products to your webstore at a later time.

Hide Sold Out Products - When enabled, products that are at zero quantities will be hidden from your webstore collections.

Hide Available Stock Count - By default, the webstore will show the number of available stock for each product variant. When enabled, this setting will hide the quantities.



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