CommentSold has two simple methods of fulfillment to accommodate all shops!

If you are using CommentSold for barcoding and shipping, there is a very simple process for fulfilling orders. If not, no need to worry—we've got you covered with manual fulfillment!


Before you begin fulfilling orders, be sure to check out our article on Preparing for Order Fulfillment to be sure you have your fulfillment team's accounts and workstations ready to go. Then watch the video below, or read on to learn more!



This Article Covers:

Fulfilling Orders with Barcodes


Manual entry is not allowed on the Fulfillment tab; only barcode scanning is possible. This method of fulfillment will allow for totally error-free fulfillment!


In order to use the Fulfillment tab of your CommentSold dashboard:

  1. You must be using CommentSold Shipping
  2. You must barcode all of your products with CommentSold barcodes
  3. You must have a scanner to scan all barcodes when fulfilling


To begin fulfillment with this method, visit the Fulfillment tab. Scan a packing slip and you will see the order number listed under the heading Orders. Along the bottom of the screen, you will see the products in the order.




If a customer meets the criteria for a VIP customer (from your Shop settings), a VIP label will appear above their name in the Customer box.




If an item is Final Sale, a label will appear next to the product.




If an item has been Returned, a label will appear next to the product.




Scan each of the products in the order. As correct items are scanned, the box showing product details will turn to green to confirm that it has been scanned.


Combined Orders with Combined Barcodes


If you are fulfilling combined orders with combined barcodes, the combined order numbers are shown when you scan the barcode.




When working with combined orders with a single barcode, the processing of the order happens differently than with manual fulfillment. You do not have to scan items in a specific order; you can scan any product in the combined order at any time. The combined order will not be marked as fulfilled until all products from all included orders have been scanned.


If you stop the fulfillment of a combined order and refresh (or leave) the page, you will have to rescan all of the products in order to fulfill the order.


Incorrect Product Scanned


If you scan a product that is not in the order you will hear a buzzing sound and see an error message.




You can click OK or scan a correct item to continue.


Orders with Gift Cards


When scanning an order with a gift card, the gift card will show as already being fulfilled.




Order Already Fulfilled 


If you scan an order that is already fulfilled, you will hear a buzzing sound and an error message will appear.




You can click OK or scan the next order to continue.


Order with Returned Item(s)


If an item has been returned, it will show in pink with a "Returned" label.




Orders with a Deleted Product or Variant


If an order contains a product with a deleted variant or product, you will see a note to adjust the order (by returning or exchanging the product) before fulfillment.




When all of the products have been scanned, the Status will change to Fulfilled!


Manually Fulfilling Orders


If you are not using CommentSold for barcodes and/or shipping, you will need to use the Orders/Fulfillment tab for fulfillment.


Fulfilling a Single Order


To fulfill a single order, select "Paid" under “Orders” to view all of your shop’s paid orders. Now find the order you want to fulfill. You can narrow your search using the filters at the top of this page.

Next, click on the label icon to the right of the order you’d like to print a label for.




Confirm the package weight and dimensions. Then click to “Create Label.” 



When you create a label, a pop-up window will appear to ask if you are sure you would like to purchase a label. This pop-up window will include the amount of the label you are purchasing. Click “OK” to continue!


When you are ready to print, you will need to be using Google Chrome. At the bottom of your shipping label is a link to “Open.” Clicking this will open the shipping label in a new window, and will allow you to print from there. 


If you are using a regular printer, be sure you are printing in Landscape mode with zero margins, and with headers and footers turned off. 


Once you print your label, click on “Packing Slip” and click the green button at the top to “Mark Labels as Printed.” You’re now ready to package the order and ship it to your customer! 


When this is completed, click on the gift box icon next to the order to mark the order fulfilled. A box will pop up asking you to confirm that you would like to fulfill the order, and offering you the option to notify your customer that their package is on the way.


Fulfilling Orders in Bulk


Now that you know how to fulfill a single order with CommentSold Shipping, let’s learn how to bulk process your orders.


Note: The following steps will appear a bit different if you have Bulk Print Packing Slips enabled in your Shipping settings. 


From the Orders/Fulfillment tab, you can process all unfilled orders at once. Or, you can use filters to narrow your results to the desired selection and only process those that fit certain criteria.


To process ALL unfulfilled orders at once:

If you want to process all unfulfilled orders, click on the “Process All” button on the top right. 13.png

After clicking this button, a popup will appear asking you to confirm that you would like to set all orders to processing. Click “OK.” You'll then move on to creating labels for your orders. which we will cover below.


To process select orders using filters:

Click the "Filters" button at the top of the page. Choose your filters, then click "Apply". The page will refresh to show all orders that fit the desired criteria. From here, you'll select which of these orders you want to process. You can either check the box to "Select All" filtered orders, or you can click the checkbox next to each individual order.


The button to process orders will now reflect the number of orders selected. When you're ready to process your selected orders, click this button.




Whether you processed all orders or only a select few, it's now time to create labels for these orders. Click the “Create Labels” button. This opens a new window showing all processing orders without shipping labels.



Click the check box to the left of “Status” in the order table to select all of the orders. Confirm the weights and dimensions of the packages. Next, click “Calculate Prices” to preview the label prices.


Once you have reviewed the orders, click “Confirm & Buy Labels.” A pop-up window will open displaying the total cost for all labels and asking you to confirm the purchase. Click “Confirm” to continue.


Next, click the “Print Local Pickup” button on the top right of your screen. If you have just processed any local pickup orders, the packing slips will appear here for printing. Once you have printed the slips, click “Mark Local Pickup as Printed.”


Now you're almost ready to ship! Click the “Print Shipping Labels” button on the top right of your screen. You will follow the same instructions as when you printed a single order, setting your printer to Landscape with zero margin with no headers or footers. Once you have printed your labels, click the green “Mark Labels as Printed” button.


Note: CommentSold works with multiple label providers behind the scenes to ensure that you are always able to purchase a label, even if one of our vendors is having an outage. Your labels may not always look exactly the same, but there is no change in cost or process for you!


Once an order is packed and shipped, click on the gift icon next to it to mark it as fulfilled. You will not be able to select multiple orders to fulfill at one time. This is a safeguard within the CommentSold system that helps to prevent errors in the fulfillment process. 


Should the fulfillment process get disrupted before you can complete all orders, you can pick up where you left off by applying filters found at the top of the Orders/Fulfillment page. The Packing Slip Printed and Label Printed filters are most helpful for tracking your progress.

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