Postal adjustments occur when labels purchased for packages are insufficient to cover the total cost of shipping.


When you ship orders through USPS with CommentSold Shipping, the packages will be periodically weighed and measured. If the packages do not have sufficient postage, USPS charges CommentSold directly for the difference. 


Historically, the fees were small enough for CommentSold to pay on behalf of shops. However, USPS has become stricter in its measurements and these charges have been increasingly common. As of February 1, 2021, postage costs charged to CommentSold by USPS will be charged to shops. 


Note: These fees are directly owed to the USPS for incorrect postage. This is not an additional fee and CommentSold does not make any profit from the adjustment process.


Detailed information showing which orders incurred adjustment charges or credits, along with the specific postage difference noted by USPS, is available in your CommentSold dashboard under SetupShipping → Adjustments.




The Unprocessed Adjustments box displays the time frame that the unprocessed postage adjustments are from.


GMV represents the Gross Merchandise Value of the orders associated with the adjustments. 


Label Adjustments shows the total amount to be debited/credited for the listed adjustments. Cards will be charged on Fridays when a balance is due (and no prepaid shipping credit is available).


Tracking Number shows the tracking number that was assigned to the label that had its postage adjusted.


The drop down arrow to the left of the Tracking Number will allow you to view more details about that specific label. You can find the order number, customer name, staff member who purchased the label, products in the order, weight of each product, and any measurements you gave the package.


Stated Weight shows the weight that you entered into the system for the package.


Actual Weight shows the reported weight after official inspection from USPS.


Stated Dimensions shows the dimensions that you entered into the system for the package.


Actual Dimensions shows the reported dimensions after official inspection from USPS.


Adjustment shows the amount the shop owes or is owed after official USPS inspection of the package. Values shown in RED represent a balance the shop is expected to pay. Values in GREEN represent a credit that will be applied to the shop. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Who does this apply to?


This will impact all shops purchasing labels directly through the CommentSold system. If you use ShipStation, Shippo, or send orders back to Shopify, you should not see adjustments from CommentSold. However, correct weights and measurements are industry best practices; no matter where you purchase your label, an incorrect weight does leave you open to adjustments from the carrier.


How do I pay adjustment charges?


CommentSold will automatically charge any postal adjustments to the card the shop has on file on Fridays. This charge will be reflected as CommentSold Shipping-Adjustment on your credit card statement. At this time, there is no way to charge a different card than the one on file with CommentSold.  


What if the card on file is declined?


If a payment method fails, that week's adjustment charges will roll forward to the next week. 


What if I'm owed a refund?


If there is a refund from the post office due to an overpaid label, that amount will be added to the shop's shipping credit balance on Fridays. 


I'm on Commercial shipping and don't usually need dimensions, but I see in the "Actual Dimensions" column that dimensions have been added. Should I have entered dimensions?


Packages in boxes over 1728 cubic inches (Length x Width x Height) will qualify for Dimensional Weight Pricing and will need dimensions entered. If your package was smaller than that and you are still seeing dimensions added, this does not necessarily mean that dimensions were necessary, only that USPS entered them.


Poly mailers may also need dimensions in certain occasions! For example, a poly mailer's length and width cannot exceed 36 inches total. The greatest dimension (length or width) cannot exceed 18 inches. Any poly mailers that are larger than this will need dimensions entered in order to purchase the correct label. 


The USPS Dimensional Weight (DIM weight) formula is (Length x Width x Height)/166. You will be charged for whichever is higher—the DIM weight or the actual weight of the package.


How do I make these adjustments as low as possible?


It will be next to impossible to eliminate all adjustment charges. Follow these recommendations to help keep these charges as infrequent as possible:

  • Make sure you are weighing everything correctly. We recommend that you weigh each size of an item for maximum accuracy.
  • Add dimensions for packages that will be in a box larger than 1728 cubic inches (LxWxH).
  • Add dimensions for poly mailers when sum of the length and width exceeds 36 inches, or when the greatest dimension is more than 18 inches.
  • If you are using poly mailers for everything, default the checkbox for "Is Poly Mailer?" to checked in your Package Preferences and enter a "0" for each dimension.

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