You can change your settings in CommentSold from bulk printing shipping labels to bulk printing packing slips.


In Bulk Print Packing Slips mode, you will see a Print Packing Slips button instead of a Print Shipping Labels button on your Orders/Fulfillment tab.


Note: This setting does not support combined orders or combined barcodes.

To enable this setting, click on the Setup tab of your CommentSold dashboard and select Shipping. Scroll down to the Bulk Print Packing Slips setting and toggle to Enabled.




By default, the orders are sorted by location. If you would like them to be ordered by purchase date from oldest to newest, go to the Setup tab.  Click Shipping Labels. Enable Show Oldest Orders First.




Now when you go to the Orders/Fulfillment tab in CommentSold, you will see that the buttons have changed. 


To process orders with Bulk Print Packing Slips:

  1. Go to the Orders/Fulfillment tab.
  2. Click the button to Process All to move orders from Paid to Processing.
  3. In Step 2, Create Labels (Optional), you will have the ability to create and purchase labels for these orders. If you do not wish to create labels, simply skip this step!
  4. If you have Local Pickup enabled, print those packing slips in Step 3 so you can gather and organize your local pick up.
  5. Decide how you want to print your packing slips. If you have Multiple Locations enabled for your account, you can print packing slips for each location separately in Step 3, or print them all at once in Step 4, Print Shipping.
  6. Choose FilePrint to print the packing slips.
  7. Once the packing slips are all printed, use them to pick your orders.
  8. When the order is packed up, you can create a shipping label for each individual order by clicking the tag icon to the right of the order in the Orders/Fulfillment tab.
  9. Print the label and then mark the order as fulfilled by clicking the gift icon, or use the Fulfillment tab to fulfill the order using barcode scanning.

Note: The Mark Labels as Printed button will still appear on the packing slips page, but you do not need to click it to change your order status. The status will change when you fulfill the orders.

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