With CommentSold, you can process returns and refunds for entire customer orders or specific product(s) within an order.

Before you start processing returns, we recommend you confirm your return policy and create return reasons on the Returns tab of your Setup page. Learn more here.

Have Shopify Sync enabled? Refunds for orders synced from CommentSold to Shopify must be processed through Shopify and CommentSold. First, return the product in Shopify, then process the return and refund in CommentSold using the steps outlined in the article. Do not add the inventory back via CommentSold.

How Returns Benefit Your Business

  • You can fully customize your return policy, putting in place guidelines and requirements that clearly communicate your terms.
  • A customer’s ability to return products can positively affect the customer experience and future purchases.

Step 1: Locate the Order

The first step in a return is to locate the order. Whether a shopper returns the entire contents of the order or a specific product, you will initiate the return on the order record. You can locate the record either on the customer record or the Orders page.

Locate Order via Customer Record Locate Order via Orders Page

  1. Select Customer in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Locate the customer and select their hyperlinked Name.
  3. Scroll and locate the Fulfilled Orders section.
  4. Locate the order to be returned and select the hyperlinked Order ID on the far-left of the table.

Step 2: Return Products or Entire Order

The second step in a return is to select and process the return of the specified items or the entire order. Both options—return a specific product and return the entire order—can be accessed from the same page.

  1. Once you locate the order, select the Arrow icon at the bottom of the icons on the far right of the order record.
  2. In the Return - Products in The Order section, you have two options:
    • Select Return All Products to process a return of all products included in the order.
    • Locate the product a customer wishes to return and select Return this product.
  3. In the Return Order Return Product pop-up, complete the following fields:
    • Return Reason. Select the reason for the customer's return. You can create additional return reasons on the Returns tab of your Setup page.
    • Notes. Include any notes for the processed return. You can include these notes in an email to the customer when processing the refund.
    • Also add back to inventory? If you plan to resell this product, then select this checkbox. If the product is damaged or unable to be resold, leave this checkbox unselected.

Step 3: Select Refund Method

The final step of a return is selecting the refund method.

Refund to Card Refund as Account Credit Issue Partial Refund

If you have enabled the setting Return directly to the customer's card on the Payment Gateways tab of your Setup page, you will see the option to refund the customer card on file.

  1. In the Return - Products In The Order section, locate the product to refund and select Refund directly to card.
  2. On the pop-up, confirm the following fields:
    • Refund Amount. This automatically populates the dollar amount for a full refund.
    • Loyalty Retraction Amount. If you have an active loyalty program and the customer earned loyalty credits for this purchase, this will automatically display the amount that will be retracted from their discount credits once the refund is processed.
    • Send email to customer. Select this checkbox if you wish to send an email to the customer notifying them that you've processed their refund.
    • Include return notes in refund email. Select this checkbox if you wish to include the notes you added when processing the returned product.
  3. Select Refund.

Once CommentSold processes the refund, the details appear next to the product.

Refund Errors

Sezzle Orders

Sezzle allows customers to pay in installments. When you refund a Sezzle order, CommentSold will attempt to refund the full order amount to the customer. If the customer hasn't finished paying all their installments (so they haven't paid for the order in full), shops may receive an error message.

  • Error Message: Sorry, there was an error trying to issue a refund
  • Solution: You will need to refund the customer through Sezzle directly.

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