Enabling CommentSold's SMS solution allows you to send shoppable text messages to customers.


Before you can get started with SMS messaging to customers, you will need to enable the SMS feature. From your CommentSold dashboard, reach out to chat support and request that SMS be enabled on your account!


Once SMS has been enabled, you will be able to purchase SMS credits. Visit the Setup tab of your CommentSold dashboard and click SMS Text. The minimum purchase is 4000 credits for $50. A credit is equal to one message (of 160 characters or fewer) to one customer. You are also able to enable Auto Purchase SMS Credit to have your card charged for credits each time you try to send an SMS without enough credits.




With credits pre-purchased, you are now ready to send out a text! Visit to your Products tab, click the three dots next to the item you want to text about, and click Send as SMS.


You will then be taken to a screen to preview and edit the text message to your customers. You can change anything you want in the message except for the bit.ly link. You must include the link, or your customers won't be able to check out!




Once you have your text message set up the way you like, you can choose to send it now or schedule it to send later. This is what the text message will look like to your customers:




When a customer clicks the link, they will be taken to a page with the option to purchase the item.


In order to receive these texts, a customer must have given you permission to text them. A customer may have allowed this when creating their account, but if not, they can do so from their account page at any time. The customer should click to update their contact information, and should check the box under Want order updates and information about special deals? to allow for texts.




When a customer opts in to texts, they will be sent a text confirming their subscription to SMS messages. They will need to respond with "YES" to be added to your list.




Customers can also opt in to text messages when placing an order with your shop.




We recommend that you create posts to your social media accounts promoting your text message list and offering an incentive for customers to opt in!



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