Shops advertising on Facebook will need to prioritize conversion events within Facebook's Events Manager. 


In late 2020, Facebook announced that it would be releasing Aggregated Event Measurement in response to Apple's iOS 14 privacy updates. Aggregated Event Measurement is intended to allow advertisers to optimize their Facebook ad campaigns while respecting users' data privacy settings.


In order to use Aggregated Event Measurement, your shop will need to have a custom domain verified with both CommentSold and Facebook. We have detailed instructions for how to do this here.


Once your domain is verified, read on!


This Article Covers:


Webstore Event Prioritization


With the introduction of Apple's App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt, shops will need to prioritize conversion events within Facebook's Events Manager. This section will walk you through optimizing your webstore conversion events.


To get started, go to your Facebook Business Manager and navigate to the Events Manager. Select Aggregated Event Measurement and click Configure Web Events.




Select your domain and click Edit Events. Facebook may have recommended prioritization for your business. You can reorder events based on priority for your business. 


For most shops, we recommend the following order for Standard Events:

  1. Purchase
  2. AddToCart
  3. ViewContent


If you have set up custom events or offline events, prioritize them here.


Facebook will pass data from events in the order that you prioritize them.


For example, if you have used the prioritization for Standard Events that we suggested above, only the Purchase event would be passed to Facebook when a shopper visits your webstore, adds an item to cart, and then purchases.


If the user visits your webstore and adds an item to cart but does not purchase, Facebook would track the Add to Cart event.


You may have up to 8 conversion events per domain, but only the highest prioritized event will be reported to Facebook.


For more information on these changes, check out Facebook's article for developers.


Mobile App Event Prioritization


Our team is compiling resources for prioritizing your mobile app events within Facebook. Check back soon!

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