Sending Push Notifications From Your Mobile App

Push notifications can be used to deliver updates and cart reminders to customers with your app downloaded.


Push notifications are an incredibly effective way of communicating updates and important reminders to your shoppers. With CommentSold, you can send one-off communications about live sales, promotions, and new products, and enable automated push reminders for certain cart activity.


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Push Notifications for Announcements


Are you running a promotion that your customers won't want to miss? You can use CommentSold to notify all of your customers with the mobile app downloaded and push notifications enabled!


To send a one-off push notification, visit the Mobile App tab of your CommentSold dashboard. In the Notifications section, you will see text boxes allowing you to enter a Notification Title and Notification Body.


Once you have entered the desired text, click Send Notifications. All those who allow push notifications from your shop will receive a notification on their mobile device!




Automated Push Notifications


When you visit the Mobile App tab in your CommentSold dashboard, you will see a section for Notification Templates. You will be able to create custom templates for:


  1. Added to Cart 
  2. Added to Cart (First Paid First Served)
  3. Cart Expiration Reminder
  4. Cart Expiration Reminder (First Paid First Served)
  5. First Purchase Discount
  6. Win Back Inactive Customers



You will see a description of what each notification does before you enable!


Note: Push notifications for Added to Cart and Added to Cart (First Paid First Served) will only deliver to those who add items from social media channels. This way, shoppers who cart an item on the mobile app will not receive an unnecessary automated notification from the mobile app!


Push Notifications for New Products


When you are posting a new product for sale to your channels, you will see a checkbox for Send the notification? If this box is checked, a push notification will be sent to customers with your mobile app downloaded and push notifications enabled when the product is posted.




You can determine the text that will be displayed with the push notification when adding or editing a product. We recommend entering your shop's name for the Notification Title, so those who receive the notification will instantly know who sent it!



Push Notification Log


When you visit the Mobile App tab in your CommentSold dashboard, you will see a section called Push Logs. Here, you can view previously sent push notifications with basic statistics.




Push Type shows the category for each push notification, such as New Product.


Send Rate shows the percentage of customers who have ever enabled push notifications who received the current notification. 


Disable Rate shows the percentage of customers who disabled push notifications when receiving a specific send. This is similar to an email's unsubscribe rate.

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