Learn what's in the Best Selling Products report & how to use it.


The Best Selling report provides a list of each of your best selling products and related details based on date range, source, product brand, and more.

To access this report, click the Reports tab, then click the Best Selling section at the top of the page.


This Article Covers:

What’s in the Best Selling Report




The Best Selling report shows you a list of all of your best selling products and each of their associated properties:


  • The Product Image shows a thumbnail of the product image (if available).
  • The SKU is the SKU that’s assigned to the product.
  • The Product Name is the name associated with the product.
  • The Sold Count is the number of times that product has been purchased.
  • Revenue is the dollar amount of revenue earned for each product (before any order discounts have been applied).

You will also have the ability to add a "Best Seller" badge to these products within your mobile app if you have one. To do this, click the Mark As Best Seller button next to any of these products.

Applying Filters to the Report


Above the report, you will find multiple filters to help you narrow your report into highly specific data points.


Note: When you first visit the Best Selling page, the report will default to show all data for the current calendar day. It will not consider a date range or any other filters until you have selected and applied them.



One or more filters can be applied to your report. Once you’re done selecting filters, you must click Retrieve to reflect changes.


Date Range

To generate a report for a specific date range, enter a Start Date and End Date.


The Source will help you identify best selling products based on the sales channel or method of purchase. Click the drop-down menu and select a source.

  • Facebook - Find best sellers from orders made through Facebook.
  • Instagram - Find best sellers from orders made through Instagram.
  • Online Store - Find best sellers from orders made through the CommentSold Webstore.
  • Admin - Find best sellers from orders manually created by a CommentSold admin.
  • Product List - Find best sellers from orders created through the product list.
  • Mobile App - Find best sellers from orders made through your mobile app.
  • SMS - Find best sellers from orders made through SMS texting.

Product Brand

The Product Brand will help you identify best selling products specific to a particular brand name. Please note that this drop-down menu will only show brand names that have been entered into your product info when creating or editing your inventory.

Again, be sure to click Retrieve to apply changes once you're done selecting your filters.


Grouping Data in the Report


Grouping data allows you to view your report in a more organized fashion. In the top menu, you will see a few ways to organize your report. The default view is “Grouped by Product,” but you can use the other tabs to further drill down into your best selling product data. 



  • Grouped By Product groups your results to show best sellers at the product level.
  • Grouped By Variant groups your results to show best sellers based on product variants, such as size and color.
  • Grouped by Product, First Customer Purchase groups your results to show best selling products that one or multiple people made as their first purchase. This is designed to help you gauge which products are helping to bring in new customers.

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