Exporting Shop Data as CSV Files

CommentSold provides dozens of reports that can be exported as CSV files.

Whether you need a report on state-specific sales activity, shipping cost per item, or store credit by shopper, you'll be able to easily export the required data as a CSV from your CommentSold dashboard. 


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Commonly Used Retail Reports

Most of the CSV reports that can be downloaded from CommentSold are accessible by clicking the Reporting tab, then clicking the CSV section. Here, you will find a variety of predefined reports that are common throughout the retailing industry. 




To use this page:

  1. Locate the report you want to download. You can determine which report is best for your needs by referring to the “CSV Headers” column, which lists the data points that are included in each report.
  2. Apply a date range. By default, the reports will consider only data from the current day. To generate a report or reports for a specific date range, enter a start and end date and click Retrieve. The page will update to show your selected date ranges.
  3. Click View next to the report you want to download. This will automatically export the report into a .CSV file.

Exporting Waitlist Data for Re-stocks

Exporting waitlist reports will help you identify customers that show interest in sold-out items, judge the level of demand for particular products/variants, and gather details for purchase orders when restocking waitlisted inventory.

In addition to exporting common retail reports from Reporting > CSV, you can also find and download two waitlist-related reports from here - 1, the "Waitlist Report", and, 2, the "Waitlist by Variant Report".

The Waitlist Report will include the following data on customers and their waitlisted items, based on a set date range:

  • Customer (name)
  • Date Added (to waitlist) 
  • Product (name)
  • Pre-Authorized (status - indicates if customer pre-authorized payment)
  • SKU
  • Color
  • Size
  • Brand Style

The Waitlist by Variant Report will show all waitlisted products, broken down by their associated variants, and brand details, and waitlisted/pre-authorized totals. This report can help you find brand/vendor details for restocks. It can also help you make the most lucrative decision for restocks based on “promised” revenue with pre-authorization totals vs “potential” with regular waitlist totals.

The Waitlist by Variant Report includes the following data for all currently waitlisted products:

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Color
  • Size
  • Brand
  • Regular Waitlisted Total
  • Waitlist Pre-Authorized Total
  • Total Waitlisted (Regular Waitlisted + Waitlist Pre-authorized)

To export the Waitlist Report or the Waitlist by Variant Report as a CSV file:

1. Click the Reporting tab from the main menu, then click CSV from the top of the page. 

2. (Optional) The Waitlist Report requires a date range, or it will default to only show existing data for the current calendar day. Apply a date range for your report by choosing a Start Date and End Date at the top of the screen.

If downloading the Waitlist by Variant Report, you can skip setting the date range as it is not dependent on one.

3. Scroll down to find your desired report. The Waitlist Report will appear as report #16, the Waitlist by Variant Report as report #16A. 

4. Click View from the far left column across from the desired report. The CSV file will automatically open for you to view once the download is complete.


Sales Reports for Product Selections

If you would like to export data for a specific product selection, you can do so from the Products tab.

Next to the product selection, click the three dots under Options and select Download Sales Report.

This feature is particularly useful for shops that need to gather data from presales so they can render a purchase order for their vendors. A typical use-case example for this would be for shops going live from a vendor booth at market. After the sale, they can send final sold quantities to the vendor to order.


Customer Data as CSV

Although there are various customer reports you can find under the Reporting tab, that is not the only place you can find them. If you're looking for a quick way to pull a CSV of all customers, their contact details, or their customer Facebook permissions status, you can generate these from Setup → Account





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