The Top Offenders report helps you to identify customers who are frequently abandoning their carts.


If you are not using First Paid First Served, it can be particularly frustrating for shoppers to cart items and neglect to check out. The Top Offenders report will show frequent cart abandoners to allow you to take action.

To view this report, visit the Reporting tab in your CommentSold dashboard and select Top Offenders.


Select the desired date range and click Retrieve. By default, the table will display the top offenders for the current day.



The Top Offenders table will show the customers who have most frequently abandoned carts in the select date range.


  • Name shows the customer’s first and last name.
  • Email shows the email address associated with the customer’s account.
  • Removed shows the number of products the customer has removed from their cart in the selected date range.
  • Expired shows the number of products the customer has allowed to expire in their cart in the selected date range.
  • Returned shows the number of products the customer has returned in the selected date range.


Note: You can click the column headers Removed, Expired, or Returned to sort by these values.


Above the table, you will see a toggle for "Only show customers that have never ordered." If enabled, customers who have previously made purchases from your shop will be excluded from the report. This allows you to focus only on those who frequently cart items but never purchase. If disabled, both customers who have and customers who have not made previous purchases will be shown in the table.


To the right of each table row is a red button to "Block customer." Learn more about blocking customers here.

If you would like to export the Top Offenders data as a .CSV file, click the blue "Export Results" button to the top right of the table. 

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