Exporting Customer Data

Learn how to export your customer data into a CSV file.


While you can easily view and manage your customer data within CommentSold, your business may have specific needs or scenarios where you’ll need to access it outside of the platform. For example, you may export your customer data to:

  • Pull a full list of customer details such as emails, phone numbers, addresses, purchase history, and dollars spent.
  • Generate a report that identifies which customers have not registered and confirmed their account.
  • Upload address lists into external marketing software, such as Klaviyo or Mailchimp.
  • Segment customer lists for retargeting ads, emails, drawings/giveaways, etc.

How to Export Customer Data

To export your customer data to a CSV file, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Setup tab. 
  2. Click the Account tab.

You’ll be presented with two options:


  1. “Export customers as CSV”

This file provides a full list of customers’ contact details (name, email, address, phone number), profile creation date, the total dollar amount spent, first/last purchase dates, mobile device type, and who referred them to your shop (if applicable). 

Once you’ve clicked on this option, check your email to access the file. CommentSold will send the email to the account email you’re currently logged in under. The email subject line will say “Customer CSV ready to download”.

2. Export customer Facebook permissions status as CSV”

This file provides similar information, but it gives an in-depth breakdown of which customers have or have not accepted Facebook permissions on your Facebook business page and your Facebook group. This is a necessary step for customers to “confirm” their account, so it’s great for identifying customers that need a friendly reminder!

After clicking this option, you’ll receive an automatic download.

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