Subscriptions, Billing, & Account Changes

This article covers what you need to know about your monthly CommentSold subscription, commission fees, and account changes.


CommentSold Fees


A history of the fees you have paid to CommentSold is available within your CommentSold dashboard.


  • View and export your monthly subscription fees by going to Setup My Invoices Subscription Plan.
  • View and export commission charges by going to Setup My Invoices Commission Charges.

Under Setup My Invoices, you will also be able to view and export charges for Prepaid Labels, SMS Credit, Shipping Adjustments, and Refunds.


You are charged the CommentSold monthly subscription fee every 30 days after your free trial ends. The amount you pay is based on your plan type. If you are unsure of your current plan, please reach out to Chat Support and we can confirm it for you!


You are charged the percentage commission associated with your plan (3% or 5%) according to the following:

  • For commission fees for payments through PayPal, Square, or Sezzle, we charge your card on file when you've accrued approximately $50 in commission fees, and on the last day of each month.
  • Stripe commission is paid automatically to CommentSold when a customer pays for an order via Stripe. All commission fees paid to CommentSold through Stripe can be found directly in your Stripe account.


Plan Changes and Account Changes


If you would like to upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your CommentSold subscription, you can do this from within your CommentSold dashboard. Just click the Chat icon in the lower right corner and let our Chat Support team know what you would like to change!




Due to technical challenges, there is currently no way to make changes to your plan without contacting our team. However, our team will be happy to help!

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