Posting Items to Your Mobile App

Ready to begin sharing products to your mobile app? CommentSold makes it simple!


Prior to your app being submitted to the App Store and Google Play Store for review, you will need to  share at least 9 products to the app. This ensures that the app reviewers can get a sense for the type of products you will be selling in order to approve!


Learn how to organize products into Collections on your mobile app here.


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Posting Products Individually to the App


To post a single product to your app, visit the Products tab in your CommentSold dashboard. Click the three dots to the right of any product you would like to post to your app. Click the option for Post to App




The Post to App option allows you to post items exclusively to your app (as opposed to posting to webstore and/or social media also) or to post products that you have already shared to other channels.


Once you click on Post to App, you will be brought to a new screen and will need to complete a few fields.




The first section is for your Post Message. This message is generated from the default in the Mobile App Templates section of your Setup tab. The default template includes product description, sizes, price, and SKU. You can change your template at any time to customize the Post Message that is auto-generated for you.


The next thing you will see on the Post to App page is the product's image. If you have more than one picture, you will see your default picture.


The next section of the Post to App page is all for push notifications. If your app is still in development, push notifications will not be sent out. When your app is live, this section allows you to deliver push notifications to all of your customers with the mobile app downloaded and notifications enabled!




The App Notification Title will to have your shop name listed by default, and we recommend that you keep it that way. Should you decide to change this, you can use up to 40 characters for your app notification title.


The App Notification Body can be changed to any text shorter than 120 characters (the shorter the better).


If you want to post something to the app without delivering push notifications, uncheck the box next to Send the notification?


Next, you can choose when you want to post the product to your app. You can post immediately or you can schedule your posts in advance. When done, click Save Post. If you elected to have the product post immediately, it will now appear in your app.


Posting Products Individually to Your Social Accounts & App


Under the Social Setup tab, you can find your Facebook and Instagram settings. When Post to App on Autolink is enabled for Facebook and/or Instagram, the social posts you create through CommentSold will automatically post to the app as well. 

If you prefer to leave this setting on but want to exclude a certain social post from sending to the app, you can check the box for Facebook only post (hidden in app)? for Facebook posts or Hide from your app's main feed? for Instagram posts. This works when posting immediately and when scheduling posts in advance.




If you are posting through Facebook and manually linking to CommentSold, you will be able to post to the app as well. Click the three dots next to the product and click Link to Post. At the top of the popup, you will see your options to Post to App, Hide from app's main feed, and Send notification.



If you want to post video to your app, you will use this manual linking method! 




Posting Products in Bulk to the App


If you would like to post more than one product to your mobile app at once, you can do so with the bulk action menu in the Products tab of CommentSold.

Click the checkbox in the header to select all items on the page or check the boxes next to any individual products you would like to post to the app. From in the header of the Products table, click the green bulk action menu and select Post to App




This will open a new screen that allows you to craft a single push notification to announce all new products being posted to the app and to select the featured image for the notification. You will be able to publish all of the selected products either immediately or at a scheduled time from this page!


Note: Due to restrictions from the App Store and Google Play Store, you should refrain from posting face masks/shields, graphic tees mentioning "social distancing" or coronavirus, or any other COVID-related items. Refrain from using the phrase "COVID" or any variation in posts on the app or in push notifications. Failure to comply could result in your app being rejected or banned from the stores.
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