If you already have a mobile app for your shop and would like to use CommentSold as your app provider, read on.


At this time we are unable to support transferring/updating an existing app created by another provider. However, we are happy to create a new app with your desired branding and will manage and deploy the app for you. We will make the transition process as seamless as possible!


If you want to reuse your existing app's name, you will need to rename the current app (even slightly) so that we can create a new app with the desired name. Otherwise, you will need to come up with a new, available name for your app during the app creation process.


Your iOS App


If you have an existing Company/Organization Apple Developer account, we can set up your new iOS app on this account.


If you need to convert your Apple Developer account to a Company account, learn how here.


If you do not yet have an Apple Developer account, learn how to create one here.


Once you begin the CommentSold app process, do not make changes in your Apple Developer account. We will be creating assets and certificates for your new app and changes to your account could disrupt this. Be sure to remove any other developers with access to your Apple Developer account.


Your Android App


We aren’t able to migrate any existing Android apps, nor the ability to reuse your existing Google Play account. We will set up a new Google Play account for you during the app creation process.


When Your New App Is Complete

When you are notified that your new app is live, you will want to remove your old app from the App Store and Google Play Store. Before you remove the apps, you may want to send a push notification through your old app with the new app store link, encouraging your customers to download.


To remove your app from the App Store:

  1. Go to App Store Connect and click on your old app.
  2. Click on Pricing and Availability.
  3. Select Remove from Sale.
  4. Click to Save.

To remove your app from the Google Play Store:

  1. Visit your Google Play account and click on your old app.
  2. Click on the Store Presence menu.
  3. Click Pricing and Distribution.
  4. Click Unpublish.

We recommend you also invite customers to download your new app with a banner on your webstore, shoutouts on your live sales, email, social posts—any channel you have available to you! 

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