From time to time, CommentSold invites customers to beta test new features to provide feedback before full release.


What is Beta Testing?


Beta testing is a type of user acceptance testing in which a group of people evaluate a nearly completed feature before it is finalized and released to all users. 


At CommentSold, most beta tests only last a few days. The Product team will then gather feedback to improve the feature. During this time, access to the beta feature is typically removed. Barring major bugs or complications, features are launched to all of CommentSold soon after the beta testing window has closed.


Risks & Rewards of Beta Testing


Beta testing is not what you would consider “early access” to new and improved features. Instead, the goal of beta testing is to put near-complete features to the test in a real world environment.


Your business may benefit greatly from the use of these new features. Each feature is designed to improve the experience of shops using CommentSold! However, it should be noted that there is still a possibility of encountering unknown bugs at this stage of development. Beta testing requires meticulous attention to detail and thorough feedback, and carries the risk of disrupting your normal business operations.


Rarely, beta testers have encountered irrecoverable data loss that has negatively impacted their businesses and customers. If you volunteer to beta test for CommentSold, we can make no promises as to your experience with the features in beta. Any support request related to beta testing will be delivered to the Product Manager, but will likely not be addressed/resolved until the next scheduled update.


If you are willing to take on the risk to beta test new features, read on! We are incredibly grateful for our beta testing group for evaluating these features and providing feedback that helps all shops on CommentSold.




If you volunteer for the Beta Tester group, we require that you complete a survey detailing any issues you encountered, including screenshots or videos, after each iteration of the feature.


We also require that you keep designs and information about the beta features confidential, as features often change significantly between beta testing and full release.


How to Apply


If you'd like to be part of the Beta Testing group, please vote on this Canny ticket to be notified of new beta opportunities. 


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