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Want a quick and easy way to upload products from your wholesalers and/or streamline your intake process? Read on to learn more.

Importing and exporting products using a CSV file is an easy way for retailers to copy a large number of inventory items from one system to another.  

With CommentSold, retailers can import products between CommentSold accounts and from a wholesaler. When importing products, the CSV file must meet the following requirements or the import will fail:

  • Images must be hosted by a publicly accessible URL. Ensure the URL is correct and CommentSold will read the image file in the upload.

  • No duplicate products
  • No special characters (e.g., apostrophes, quotes, commas, slashes, etc.)
  • File headings must follow the order outlined in the below drop-down:

Expand to view the list of headings
Heading Name Required? Notes

Product Name


Product Description


Product App Description


Product Store Description


Product SKU / Style #


Product Brand


Product Brand Style #


Product Charge Taxes

  • This column must have a 1 ("Charge taxes) or 0 ("Do not charge taxes") for each product.

Product Tax Code


Product Type


Product Received

  • This column must have a 1 ("Is received") or 0 ("Is not received") for each product.

Product Shipping Price


Product Low Stock Limit


Product Split By Type


Product Options


Product Addons


Product Hide On Waitlist


Product Best Selling

  • This column must have a 1 ("Is a Best Seller") or 0 ("Is not a Best Seller") for each product.

Product Notes


Product Images


Inventory Quantity


Inventory Color


Inventory Size


Inventory Weight


Inventory Retail Price


Inventory Sale Price


Inventory Cost


Inventory Barcode


Inventory SKU


Inventory Length


Inventory Width


Inventory Height


Inventory Position


Inventory Notes


Inventory Images

  Using Shopify? If you use Shopify and have Shopify Sync enabled, then we strongly recommend you do not import products. This can cause issues with your orders syncing back to Shopify.

Import Products

If you have a CSV file that contains products from a wholesaler or even another CommentSold account, you can easily import that file—and those products—into your CommentSold account.

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Select Import Product CSV in the top-right corner of the page.
  3. In the pop-up, select Choose File.
  4. Locate and select the CSV file you wish to import.
  5. Select the action you wish for CommentSold to take if there are duplicate SKUs in the CSV file you're importing into your CommentSold Account:
    • Error - No data will be imported at all if there are any duplicates. CommentSold will not import any of the products included in the CSV file.
    • Prefix - A new product will be created with a random prefix in the SKU. CommentSold will attach a random prefix to the SKU of imported products. These prefixes will be identical, allowing you to search for the imported products and enter your own unique SKUs for each item's Products page.
    • Ignore - This product row and associated variants will be skipped. CommentSold will import every product except duplicate SKUs.
    • Overwrite - The existing products and variants will be updated. The imported information will replace existing product information in CommentSold. 
  6. Select your desired Margin %.
    • CommentSold will use the Inventory Cost provided in the CSV file to calculate the Retail Price necessary for the margin percentage.
    • For example, if a product has a cost of $10 and a margin of 50% is set, CommentSold will set the retail price to $20.
  7. Select Import to start importing process.
  Note: When importing...
  • If a margin percentage is not entered, CommentSold will use the price in the CSV file’s Inventory Retail Price column for an imported product’s retail price.
  • Inventory quantities will reflect the wholesaler's inventory amounts. If you want to offer less than the total wholesale amount, you will need to change the inventory amounts for each product.

You can check the progress of your import using the progress bar on this page or select View Import Progress in the top-right corner of the Products page.

After the import process is complete, you'll need to resolve any warnings listed beneath the number of successfully imported rows. Once resolved, you can confirm that all rows have been imported.

Export Products

You have two options when exporting products from CommentSold: export individual products in bulk and export an entire collection.

Export Individual Products in Bulk Export an Entire Collection

  1. Select Products in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. Adjust the number of items shown on a page using the Show Entries drop-down at the top of the product listing. This allows you to view all the products you wish to export on one page.
  3. Select the checkbox to the right of each item you wish to export.
  4. At the top of the product listing, select the green Selected drop-down.
  5. Select Export Products to CSV, then select your preferences:
    • For Cost. Choose Use Product Cost or Use Product Price. If you are a wholesaler exporting products for a shop, you may want to select product price.
    • For Quantity. Choose Use Quantity or Skip this Field. If you want to show the quantities you have in stock on the CSV file, choose Use Quantity.
  6. Select Export.

If you wish to view exported files, select View Exported Files in the top-right corner of the page.

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