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  In this article, you'll learn:

  • How to broadcast your live sale on your webstore.
  • How to add live sale replays to your webstore.

About Going Live on Your Webstore

Going live on your webstore allows you to bring an immersive live video shopping experience directly to your branded webstore. It's the perfect way to offer that live sale experience to shoppers who prefer to browse your webstore and those shoppers who discover your shop via search engines or links you've placed on other platforms.

You can also publish live sale replays to your webstore, giving an on-demand "shop the replay" experience for shoppers who missed a live sale or want the ability to navigate the sale.

   Setting up your webstore for the first time? You'll need to enable your webstore in your Shop Settings. You can find resources for designing your webstore here.

How Going Live on Your Webstore Benefits Your Shop

  • Keep shoppers fully engaged via your branded online store (and make browsing more products post-sale an easy click away!)
  • Allow shoppers to chat, browse products, and add items to their cart without leaving the sale.
  • Add live sale replays to your webstore so shoppers can shop past webstore live sales they missed.

Go Live on Your Webstore

To start your live sale, you'll want to head over to your Live Sale Overview. As with any live sale, you'll verify your broadcast stream via the CS Broadcast App, choose which products to feature, and pick where your live sale broadcast will appear. In this case, it'll be your webstore.

  1. Complete Step 1 and Step 2 on your Live Overview page as you usually would.
  2. On Step 3, select Choose Where to Go Live.
  3. Select Go Live Normally.
  4. In the Stream Targets section, select the Live on the Web checkbox.
    • When you go live through CommentSold, you can broadcast to multiple platforms simultaneously. If you wish to broadcast to other places in addition to your webstore, you can choose those destinations at this time.
  5. At the bottom of the Go Live! pop-up in CommentSold, select Go Live.

Congratulations—you are now live on your webstore! Shoppers can watch your live sale, send comments, ask questions, and cart items. When you're done selling, select End Live Sale at the top of your Live Overview page. 

Link to Live Sale Replays

Live sale replays allow shoppers to access your live sales long after they've ended. Shoppers can browse and shop through the video replay, just as they would if they were viewing the live sale while it was actively streaming.

You can add a link to your Live Replays to the top navigation menu of your webstore so that shoppers always have the option to shop previous live sales you make available on your webstore.

  1. Select Webstore Design in the side menu of your CommentSold dashboard.
  2. In the Customization section on the left side of the page, select Navigation.
  3. Under Add External Link, complete the following fields:
    • Link Title. Enter how you wish the link to appear in your navigation menu (e.g., Shop Our LivesShop Past Live Sales, etc.).
    • Link URL. Enter /live
  4. Select + Add. The page will automatically refresh and display your updated navigation.
  5. Select Publish in the top-right corner of the page to publish your homepage update.
  Note: If your shop is live, shoppers will see that live sale when they select this link. Your most recently published live replay will automatically play if you're not live when a shopper selects the link. Previous live replays will appear below the most recent replay.

What Your Shoppers Experience

When your shop broadcasts a live sale to your webstore, your live sale will appear at the very top of the webstore homepage. All other pages will display a clickable banner at the top of the page that alerts those who are on your website that you are currently live. 

When selected, the live alert banner will direct them to your shop's live sale URL, a unique URL that features your live sale content. This URL will contain your shop URL with /live added to the end (i.e.,

From the live sale URL, shoppers can:

  • Expand the video to watch fullscreen,
  • Chat with others and ask questions,
  • React to the video with heart emojis, and
  • Browse all products, view product details, and add to their shopping cart without leaving the video.

When shoppers are ready to check out, they can choose the guest checkout option or log in to purchase using their registered account.

Don’t forget processing times. Once a live sale ends, CommentSold will need to process the video before you can add it as a Live Replay. Processing times average out to half the length of the live sale. For example, if your live sale was 60 minutes, then the video would take 30 minutes to process. You can view video processing statuses here.

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