Deep linking for Facebook Catalog ads allows shops to drive engaged customers to products in their app directly from ad links. Deep linking is automatic for Facebook Catalog ads and does not require any additional set up to use!

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This article covers: 

What are Deep Links?

How to Use Deep Link Redirects


What are Deep Links?

With Deep Linking, shoppers will experience two different pathways when clicking on a product link within your ad. For shoppers who already have your app installed, deep links automatically detect that the app is installed on your shopper's device. These shoppers will automatically be redirected to the product page within your app to purchase, increasing your mobile app engagement. 

If the shopper doesn’t have your app installed, they will be redirected to the product page on your webstore to browse or purchase. 

Deep linking is automatic for Facebook Catalog ads, and there are no steps needed to enable this feature.


How to Use Deep Link Redirects

The Deep Link redirects toggle allows you to change the pathway for shoppers who do not currently have your app installed on their devices. When the toggle for Deep link redirects is enabled, shoppers who click on your ad link and do not have your app installed will be redirected to the App Store to download your shop's app. 

Deep Link redirects are disabled by default. While this toggle is disabled, shoppers without your app who click your ad link are redirected to the product page on your website. This pathway is the most likely to lead to a purchase. Therefore, this toggle should only be enabled for specific use cases such as driving app downloads rather than purchases. 




To toggle on Deep Link redirects, visit the Preferences section on your CommentSold dashboard here


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