Utilizing the OCE API integration is a great way for CommentSold customers to take their ad reporting to the next level. This article outlines how to use Offline Conversion Events API to gain visibility into conversions that may not be captured by the Facebook Pixel or SDK. 

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Introduction to OCE

Facebook originally created the Offline Conversion Events API (OCE) to match purchases from brick and mortar retail locations to advertising efforts on the Facebook platform. Facebook takes user information from purchases and matches those users to behavior on Facebook like clicks and impressions on your ads. 

You might be wondering - how is this different from the Facebook Pixel on my webstore, or the SDK on my mobile app? The difference is how Facebook matches the action on your site or mobile app to the click or impression on your Facebook ad. 


Facebook Pixel & SDK

The Facebook Pixel & SDK uses a unique ID to connect online events from your webstore or mobile app to your Facebook ad. 



Offline Conversion Events API

OCE uses personal information from events on your webstore or mobile app to connect and supplement events that may have been under-reported from your webstore or mobile app to your Facebook ad.




Why is OCE Valuable for my Shop?

Where the Facebook Pixel & SDK break down

When Apple released its iOS 14.5 update, it gave users the ability to opt-out of data sharing. If a user opts-out of data sharing on the Facebook app, or your mobile app, the Facebook Pixel and SDK cannot directly connect their webstore or app conversions to your Facebook ad. Flurry Analytics reports that only 14% of active mobile users have opted-in to tracking since iOS 14.5 launched.




Facebook has tools to compensate for this gap in visibility - but those tools will not report 100% of events. 


How OCE Helps Your Shop

The OCE API will automatically connect your shopper’s event data into Facebook ads manager - reporting events that the Facebook Pixel & SDK cannot track due to ad blockers or iOS 14.5 privacy permission settings. This gives you extra visibility into the value of your advertising campaigns that you could be missing. 

There are some important considerations to keep in mind when using OCE. The first is that OCE uses a Fuzzy Match to match events to ads. This means that Facebook is relatively certain that a campaign influenced an event that happened on your app or site. There are instances where OCE may overreport campaign performance, particularly performance from remarketing campaigns. Therefore, it is important to measure New Customer Acquisition and Remarketing campaign performance differently when using OCE. 


New Customer Acquisition

OCE is not likely to overreport the influence of New Customer Acquisition campaigns if you are excluding existing customers from targeting. If you acquire a new customer that adds to cart or makes a purchase, and they viewed or clicked on your ad, it is likely that ad contributed to the acquisition of that customer. 



It is likely that OCE will overreport the influence of remarketing campaigns on conversion events. Remarketing campaigns that target existing customers have a high likelihood of fuzzy matching to any purchase made by that customer within Facebook’s attribution window if they see or click on an ad in your campaign. To ensure the most accurate reporting, we recommend measuring remarketing performance using Facebook’s standard 7-day click attribution window.


Setting Up Offline Conversion Events API (OCE)

You will be using Facebook Business Manager to set up Offline Conversion Events. If you have not already done so, you will need to create your Business Manager account before proceeding to the next steps.


Facebook Business Manager Steps

  1. Create an offline event set- follow the steps to create an offline event set outlined here

  2. Create a System User with Admin Permissions. follow the steps to create a System User outlined here



CommentSold Admin Steps

  1. Navigate to Events Manager from your Business Manager account. 

    Click the Offline Event Set you just made from on the left side of the screen, then click Settings. Copy the Offline Set ID from this page.

  2. Now open a new tab or window to your CommentSold dashboard. Then navigate to Social Setup > Business Manager.

  3. Paste your Offline Event Set ID into the appropriate field and click the Update Event Set ID button to save changes.

  4. Paste your System User Token into admin, then click the Update System User Access Token button to save changes.

Now, you're ready to gain better insight into your conversions with OCE!


Troubleshooting Offline Conversion Events

Creating a New Facebook App 

If you are unable to select permissions when creating a System User with Admin Permissions or receive an error message, you may need to create a new Facebook App. To do so, follow these steps and proceed with generating the System User Token on behalf of the new app. Then, continue with steps 5-6.

If you need additional support on utilizing OCE, please reach out to your Account Strategist or our Support team! 

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