FlexLabels allows your fulfillment team to choose the most accurate packaging for every order in a way that’s easier and faster than ever before! With FlexLabels, you can buy labels confidently at the time of fulfillment knowing you’re getting the best fit and best price for shipping your products.



This Article includes: 

Once setup is complete, see Fulfilling with FlexLabels to begin fulfillment. 



In order to use FlexLabels, you will need to grant each of your fulfillment staff permission to purchase FlexLabels. Navigate to the Team tab in your CommentSold dashboard and make sure the permission labeled "Purchase Flex Labels" is checked for each team member.




You will also need to set up one or more shipping fulfillment stations depending on how much product you ship. 


Each shipping fulfillment station requires: 

  • A computer
  • A scanner
  • A shipping label printer (such as the Dymo 4XL with 4x6 labels)
  • A set of printed barcodes (see Step 6 below)

Before enabling FlexLabels, we recommend that none of your orders be in Processing or Label Printed status. It is best to begin with a clean slate and all orders in Unfulfilled status.


Setting Up FlexLabels


  1. Navigate to Setup > Shipping > Package Preferences.
  2. Enable FlexLabels and Required Settings.
    There are several settings required to use FlexLabels. Once FlexLabels is enabled with the toggle at the top of Package Preferences, the following pop-up will appear if you need to enable any additional settings. If you don’t see the pop-up, proceed to the next step. 


  3. Add information for your Preset Packages. Start by selecting the type of packaging such as a soft pack (like a poly mailer), a box, or a USPS flat rate package.


    Note: It is very important that flat rate boxes ONLY be used for flat rate labels. There can be hefty adjustments if the wrong label is used for this type of package.

    Pro Tip: Our Package Recommendations

    • 9x12 poly (qualifies for cubic 0.1)
    • 14x17 poly (qualifies for cubic 0.3)
    • 18x18 poly (qualifies for cubic 0.5)
    • 12x12x12 corrugated (for everything else)

    We don't recommend using poly packaging that exceeds 18’ on any side. These get very expensive.



    For UPS specifically we are unable to ship any poly packaging that exceeds 18' on the long side, 14' on the second-longest side or 6' high. We recommend using multiple smaller poly or a box.

  4. Name the package type and choose the carrier. The shop admin has control over how each package is sent- for example, you may choose bigger boxes for UPS and smaller poly mailers for USPS. 

    Under Carrier, you will also see an option to select “Auto (lowest cost).” If chosen, CommentSold to automatically select the carrier based on the cheapest available rate.

    Note: The shop admin will need to coordinate arrangements for UPS pick up. You can deliver your items to UPS dropoff or schedule a UPS pickup here. Additional fees may be incurred through UPS for pickups. Make sure to keep UPS and USPS packages separate! Mixing your packages can cause major delays or lost packages. 

  5. Enter the dimensions. Soft packs will only need height and length. There is also an optional field for weight of the packaging- this is handy for bigger boxes that may add additional ounces to the package. 

    Note: Larger packages are subject to being charged for dimensional weight. Dimensional weight-based labels are typically more expensive. 

  6. Print Barcodes

Scroll down to the bottom of your preset package list, and click the Print All Barcodes option. This option will print the complete set of barcodes you will need for each station.


The Print All Barcodes option will print three types of barcodes:


Package barcodes are specific to each packaging type you will be using to fulfill your orders. There will be one barcode per package type. 


The Refund barcode allows you to quickly refund a pre-purchased label if you need to change packaging during the fulfillment process. Use the Print Refund Barcode option to print additional copies of the Refund barcode if needed.



The Confirmation barcode is used to officially confirm that the corresponding item and packaging have been scanned correctly. It is the final step in completing a label purchase. Use the Print Confirmation Barcode option to print additional copies of the Confirmation barcode if needed.



Now that you have enabled the required settings, added preset packages, and printed all barcodes, you’re ready to begin fulfilling your orders!


The Fulfilling with FlexLabels article explains how to use each of the three barcode types for fulfillment. 

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