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Welcome to the Work In Progress Updates page! Here you can find out what things on the platform are not working exactly as they should, and what we are doing about them.

In this article, you can find the issues that are currently impacting multiple shops on the CommentSold platform and see what the CommentSold team is doing to resolve them. 

Please note that some issues will take longer than a day or two to fix. We will update this page frequently to keep you updated.

If you just need a quick confirmation that all CommentSold systems are fully operational, you can check in on the CommentSold Status page. 




Flex Labels: Increased errors purchasing UPS label with "auto choose cheapest option"

11/23: The team has implemented a fix that will automatically re-try purchasing a UPS label if an error occurs on the first attempt. They have also added more detailed error messages when there is a legitimate correction to be made. We are monitoring this solution to ensure it fixes the problem!


Live overview is showing incorrect viewers live on FB

11/23: We still have an open bug report with Facebook. However, the team believes they have found a workaround solution in the meantime. They are working on it now and we will update when it has been implemented 




Resolved Issues

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