Release Train 9/15/21

FlexLabels for Fulfillment

FlexLabels are here to revolutionize the way you manage fulfillment! FlexLabels allow your fulfillment team to choose the most accurate packaging for every order in a way that’s easier and faster than ever before! Pre-purchase your shipping labels or buy on the fly- either way, you can tackle your fulfillment process confidently knowing you’re getting the best fit and best price for shipping your products. 


For more information on setting up FlexLabels, check out our Help Center article here


For help setting up FlexLabels, check out the tutorial videos on each of our two Help Center Articles: Setting up FlexLabels and Fulfilling with FlexLabels.


Merge Accounts Feature

When a shopper has multiple accounts with the same email address, they will now have the option to merge them. Duplicate customer accounts usually result from a shopper creating an account via their email, then later creating an account via Facebook or Instagram. If duplicate email addresses are identified during the checkout process, the shopper will see a prompt to merge their accounts on the order confirmation page.

After entering their email and selecting “Yes! Send Me a Link,” customers will receive an email asking them to click a button to combine accounts. Upon clicking, they will be redirected to the account page and see a confirmation message that the accounts have been merged.  

For a closer look at Merging Customer Accounts, check out this article in our Help Center.


Missing Weight Warning on Orders/Fulfillment Tab

When an order contains a product that does not have a weight entered for it, you are not able to purchase a shipping label for it. Previously, there was no obvious way to know that an item was missing an assigned weight until you reached the label buying page. Now, we've introduced an alert on the Orders tab to remind you to enter the weight for that item before trying to process the order. 


Override Mystery Item Qualification for Shoppers

When enabled, shoppers can be matched with a mystery item they have previously purchased if no other matches are found. This feature is useful if shoppers are willing to purchase a duplicate item as a gift, buy an item in a different size, or take advantage of a great deal. 

This feature is disabled by default, but can be enabled by checking the “Ignore customer order history?” box in the Mystery Item Selection Criteria.

You can learn more about selling Mystery Items here



Hide Sorting and Filters on New Webstore [Webstore v2]

Shops now have the option to disable filters and sorting functions on their webstore. These functions are visible by default. To hide them, navigate to the Webstore Design tab and click the pencil next to “Collections & Search Results.” From there, you can disable Filters, Sorting options, or both.


Improved SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions [Webstore v2]

Previously on the new webstore, meta titles and descriptions were not being accurately reflected in search results. This update will allow page titles and descriptions to correctly represent your web pages and improve discoverability for SEO. 



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