Release Train 8/18/21

💲New Scheduled Sales Feature for Bulk Sales Price Changes

Now you can create and manage your sales with the new Scheduled Sales tool. Select a group of products, use the new bulk action to "Create Scheduled Sale," name your sale, and set the rules to have your sale start and end automatically. You can also manage all your scheduled sales from one screen!

To learn more about creating Scheduled Sales, check out this article in our Help Center. 


❗New Badge on Large Order Packing Slips

You can now add a Large Order notice on orders over a certain dollar amount to easily check for potential fraud, add additional insurance, or make further preparations before fulfilment and shipping. 

To turn this feature on, go to Setup > Shipping. Scroll down to Show Marker for Large Orders and set the dollar threshold. Press Update to save changes.


📦New Filters on the Orders/Fulfillment Tab

We’ve added two new filters on the Orders/Fulfillment tab: Packing Slip Printed and Label Printed

These filters are especially helpful when fulfilling items in bulk. If the fulfillment process is disrupted before completing an order, this allows you to track your progress more efficiently.


📧Shopper Notifications for Address & Email Updates

To help prevent fraudulent activity on shopper accounts, shoppers will now receive a notification to their original customer email address when their mailing address or email address is updated. We’ll also send an email to the old email address when you change the shopper’s email for them!


🔍Bulk Action Menu Upgrade on the Products Page

The Bulk Action menu on the Products tab has received a small but noteworthy upgrade. Let us know what you think!


📅Automatic Product Removal is Now Based on Publish Date

Previously, the collection setting Auto Remove Products after {X} days would remove products based on the date the product was added to the collection. Now, their removal will be based on the published date of the product. 



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