Release Train 7/15/21


🔍 HUGE Product Search Improvements in Several Places

Previously, if you had a product called “Floral Summer Dress” and your customer searched for “dress floral,” that product would not show up!

With the new and improved search function, you can search any terms in any order and see results for any products that contain those terms within their name or description.

This improves search everywhere:

  • Webstore
  • Mobile App
  • Products Tab in Admin


💰 Refund Entire Orders as Original Payment Source or Account Credit

You no longer need to refund multiple products individually to refund a large order! With a simple click of a button, you can refund all products at once to account credit or original payment source.


🔍 Automated Emails Now Include a Product Recommendation Section

We’ve added a product recommendations section to the bottom of automated emails to help customers discover new or complementary products. By default, this is enabled in the Templates tab. Here’s how they work:

  • For emails that send updates about specific products, our system will suggest other products in the same collection filtered by what’s in stock and sorted by most recently published.
  • For other automated emails, we use the same logic that’s used on the account page product list which is “most recently published products”. 


🔍 Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Added to the Best Sellers Report

Having the LTV of customers readily available on the Reports tab can be very useful for paid acquisition and other business decisions. Having it on the Best Customers report can help determine the true value of a particular customer.


🔍 Search by Brand Style # in Live Selections

You can now search for a specific brand style number in the live selection editor! This makes it easier to search for specific brand name products so you can quickly add them to your live selection.


🔍 Exclude Collection from Marketing Automation Coupons

Now you can create a collection of products that will be ineligible for marketing automation coupons. You can use this to keep customers from using marketing automation coupons on items you don’t want discounted or those that are already discounted.


🔍 “# of Returned” Now Appears on Product Inventory Page

We’ve added the number of products returned to the Product Inventory page. Previously, it was difficult to decipher when a product was returned and resold. This created a situation where the Sold amount looked inflated. With this change, you will be able to see a clearer picture of what has been returned and sold.

⤵️ Sale Collection is Now Sorted by Highest -> Lowest Product Cost

Products within the Sale collection are now automatically displayed from highest to lowest cost. This will allow higher cost items to sell out quicker to help soak up more inventory cost.


🖨️ Scan Logs are More Consistently Created in Fulfillment v2

Previously, bad scans would sometimes not be recorded to the scan log while fulfilling an order. They are now sent consistently as expected. We'll also send the scan log to all orders in a combined order.


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