Release Train 5/25/21

🔥🖨️ Combine Orders When Bulk Printing Packing Slips


For those shops that are bulk printing just the packing slips, you will now see multiple orders for the exact same customer combined (along with their barcodes)!


There is now a single setting within the Shipping section of the Setup tab in your CommentSold dashboard for "Combine Orders." When enabled, multiple orders for the same customer will be combined when bulk printing labels or packing slips. Order barcodes will also be combined.


🔥📹 Select Featured Video for Product


You can now view all available videos and select a featured video from within the Edit Media tab (formerly the “Edit Images” tab) when editing a product. The available videos will include all live sale clips that the product was featured in and videos in linked Facebook posts for the product.


📦 Package Count Listed in Sales Channel Reports


You will now see the number of packages shipped in a selected date range on sales channel reports.



📤 Resend Order & Refund Confirmation Emails


If you need to resend an order or refund confirmation email to a customer, you can now do this from within the Orders/Fulfillment tab of your CommentSold dashboard. Locate the appropriate order and click the eye icon. You will see buttons for “Resend Order Fulfilled Email” and “Resend Order Received Email.”



🕵️ Include SKU for Mystery Items on Packing Slips


Packing slips now show the SKU associated with the product a customer received as their mystery item.



👁️ View Product Notes from Products Tab Table


There is a new column in the Products table to make internal product notes more readily available. If there are internal notes for a product (left when creating or editing the product), there will be an eye icon in the row for that product. Hovering over this icon will display the notes!


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