Release Train 9/8/21

Past Purchase Alert in the App [Mobile Release Version 2.11]

If an item in the cart has been purchased before, shoppers will now see a message that says “This item was previously purchased on MM/DD/YY” at the bottom of the item description on the checkout screen. 

The message will appear for all product variants- for example, if the customer had previously purchased the item in a medium and now has a large in their cart, they will still see the purchase alert on the checkout screen.

We are in the process of rolling this out to all CommentSold apps. If you don’t see it yet, you can expect to see it soon! 


Automatic Product Videos on the New Webstore [Webstore V2]

If you’re a fan of the automatic product videos we offer on the app, we have an exciting update for you. We now support Automatic Product Videos on the New Webstore! As a result, the setting for “Automatic Product Videos From Live Sales” has moved from the Mobile tab to the Selling Preferences section of the Setup tab.

You can learn more about Automatic Product Videos here.


Square Payments for App Purchases [Mobile Release Version 2.10]

In case you missed it, version 2.10 of our app now offers Square as a payment method for app purchases! For shops with Square enabled under Setup > Payment Gateways, no action is needed to enable Square as a payment method on the app. 


Descriptions on Collection Pages [Webstore V2]

You’ll now see the collection description appear on the bottom of all collection pages when using the New Webstore! To add a collection description, go here and click “Edit” on the 3 dot menu of any collection. 



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