Release Train 6/30/21

🔥📲 Schedule Push Notifications to Your App’s Main Feed


When creating a push notification within your Mobile App tab, you are now able to schedule push notifications that drive to your app’s main feed. This allows you to easily deliver notifications outside of your team’s working hours!


🔥⚠️ Show Warning That Product Was Previously Purchased 


Enabling the new setting “Show Warning for Repeat Purchases” will show shoppers a warning message if they have carted an item that they have purchased previously. This feature is intended to minimize customer service complaints or returns from shoppers accidentally purchasing an item on more than one occasion. Currently this warning only displays on the webstore and account page (not the mobile app), but the feature is coming to mobile app very soon!


You can find this setting in the Setup tab of your CommentSold dashboard!


🔤 Product Templates Are Now Alphabetized & Searchable


Product templates you have created are now alphabetized and searchable, making it easier to find the one you are looking for!


🐛 Bug Fix: Featured Collection on Webstore Now Shows Newest First


Our team fixed a bug that was causing the Featured Collection on webstore to show older items first. The Featured Collection now shows items from newest to oldest (as the Collection page itself does).


🐛 Bug Fix: Images on Webstore & Product Tab No Longer Blurry


Some shops experienced a bug in which their product images (in the Products tab of the CommentSold dashboard and on their webstore) were appearing blurry. This bug has been fixed!


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